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Cameras from Canon, Panasonic and also Sony shoot footages in AVCHD, for circumstances, Canon XA25, Canon Vixia HF R21, Panasonic Lumix DMC Series, Sony Cyber-shot series, Sony Handycamera, Sony HDR-SR10E and Sony Alpha NEX series. Many of the AVCHD footeras are in MTS format, which is a high-interpretation MPEG Transport Steam video format. Want to modify AVCHD MTS papers in Windows Movie Maker and also create a home movie? Then you will disappointed considering that MTS is not supported by Movie Maker. If you"re attempting to use .MTS files in Windows Movie Maker, you need to initially convert MTS to Windows Movie Maker sustained media layouts favor WMV, AVI, ASF, and so on. Haven"t established a way? Now below is an choice.

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To finish the job, it"s undoubtedly that a video clip conversion routine is needed. You deserve to just acquire Video Converter below to convert MTS papers to WMV for Windows Movie Maker. No extra tools are forced. The original high quality of MTS AVCHD papers will be retained. Downfill it and follow the steps below to transform MTS videos to Windows Movie Maker for editing and enhancing.

Download the MTS AVCHD Converter for Windows Movie Maker:

Free Downpack for Windows 10 or reduced Free Downfill 64-little bit installer for MacOS ※ For macOS 10.14 or reduced, you can also Downpack 32-little installer right here ↓

How to convert MTS to Windows Movie Maker sustained format

Tip 1: Import MTS documents to the program

After installing the video converter, launch it and also click Add Video switch to import the MTS documents you desire to modify in Windows Movie Maker. You can also straight drag the video files right into the routine straight.

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Tip 2: Select the output format

Hit the "Profile" box and pick "HD Video" > "WMV HD" on the dropdown food selection as output format. Besides, you have the right to likewise pick AVI HD as output if you have actually not set up the .wmv codec.


Tips: If you prefer, readjust video and audio parameters, consisting of the Bitrate of Video and Audio, the Codec of Video and Audio, Video Size, Sample Rate, Frame Rate, Audio Channels, and so on, by clicking the Setups button on the major interface for gaining the finest high quality.

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Step 2: Start MTS to Windows Movie Maker conversion

Finally, sindicate click the Convert button to start converting MTS video to Windows Movie Maker compatible video formats. Within numerous minutes, you have the right to uncover the converted file on your computer system by clicking the "Open" button. And then you deserve to import the converted MTS AVCHD files to Windows Movie Make for editing and enhancing using its "Import video" choice.

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