Why So Terrible: Not so a lot a title as an extensive tagline, this one suffers from over-the-optimal punctuation and clearly hasn’t been thought all the way via. Much like the film"s saggy manuscript. What It Should Have Been Called: Deal Hard.

Why So Terrible: They couldn’t even spell ‘clowns’ right! That shelp, the crummy title is the least of this ridiculous B-horror’s troubles – don’t also gain us began on the cotton candy cocoons. What It Should Have Been Called: Coulrophobia . It sounds smart and also it educates civilization.

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Mr. Magorium"s Wonder Emporium (2007)

Why So Terrible: Ever heard of a name like Magorium? No, bereason it was consisted of particularly to rhyme through the word ‘emporium’. Dumb. What It Should Have Been Called: Mr. Medifice’s Magic Edifice.

Why So Terrible: Instead of stirring up evocative surfer-boy imagery, that title rather renders us think around exactly how annoying it is once you action in a wet patch on the kitchen floor and obtain sodden socks. What It Should Have Been Called: Get Wet.

Why So Terrible: It’s a little late coming to the barbarian table – a totality 6 years after Arnie’s second Conan flick. Nobody cares about prehistorical brutes anyeven more, so why put them in the title? What It Should Have Been Called: Dinosaur Hell would’ve done fine on its very own, dontcha think?

Why So Terrible: The ‘Avenging’ component we have the right to address, however the ‘Disco Godfather’ little simply renders us imagine Marlon Branexecute in flares and also glittery star sunglasses. What It Should Have Been Called: Disco Inferno .

Blacula! (1972)

Why So Terrible: Everybody’s favourite vampire (or, the vampire) gets turned right into a camp blaxploitation laughing stock. Is that Bram Stoker rolling around in his grave? What It Should Have Been Called: Camp Dracula.

Fertilize The Blaspheming Bombshell (1990)

Why So Terrible: Just how does one go around fertilising a bomb? Oh, ideal, the bombshell’s a chick. Still, that"s a rather queasy, clinical call to arms for a film title. What It Should Have Been Called: Brooklyn To Vegas (the journey the Satan-worshipper-plagued bombshell is undertaking).

Why So Terrible: It’s a beach flick that doesn’t also take place all over near a beach. Also, it’s a horribly transparent attempt to hook a horny young demographic who just want to watch naked ladies. What It Should Have Been Called: Life’s A Beach.

Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties (2006)

Why So Terrible: The memory of Charles Dickens is raped by a horrible CGI cat and also his stupid movie. Not that we’re taking it all also seriously or anything. What It Should Have Been Called: Gararea 2: Purrfectly Awful .

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