Mouse pointer turns into a line

The COMPUTER (Personal Computer) is a extremely configurable and also upgradable gaming platcreate that, among house systems, sports the widest range of control approaches, largest library of games, and cutting edge graphics and also sound capabilities.

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I"ve had actually this take place before likewise, yet the lapoptimal I was having the problem on shed it"s board shortly after. If I had actually to start somewright here Id check for any type of background processes that might be causing it or Chrome extensions. Also you can constantly try reinstalling the vehicle drivers for the mouse.


On my old computer certain games could cause this to happen however it was a weird arrowhead through a messed up optimal. Could never before really figure out what caused it, yet hasn"t happened given that I built my brand-new COMPUTER.


Do you by any kind of opportunity have an AMD card? I remember once I had an AMD card I"d get most weird cursor worries when playing Dota, and also it was a pretty famous problem.

alexw00d: Yeah I have actually one of those brand-new AMD RX 480"s. I actually cant remember if this happened on my last card too, obtained this one on thursday, but I dont think it did, so the 2 could actually be connected. Last one was a Nvidia though.

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So, just newly my COMPUTER began randomly turning my computer mouse cursor right into this hideous black square on message fields, and also this even weirder line form almost everywhere else (apologies for the image high quality, supposedly the cursor autohides if you take a screenswarm on Windows? Had to take them with my phone). It seems to greatly begin when using Chrome, but will certainly persist until a reboot. The crazy point is, it"s just on one monitor. I have actually a triple display setup, and on either of the the various other 2 displays, the cursor will turn ago into a normal mouse guideline. Is my machine haunted, and also exactly how carry out I bust this cursor ghost? Edit: Forobtained to mention: Im on Windows 19 64bit. New machine I constructed a month ago, fairly recent fresh instevery one of the OS.

Got the very same trouble RX 480 aswell need to be somepoint to execute via the drivers. Got a temp fix if you allow guideline trails it seems to perform the trick

-Regards Koala

Someone has an AMD card :P

Seriously this has been an AMD driver bug since the dawn of time, it"s never going to be resolved.

Here"s a thcheck out from 2009 -

I deserve to more than likely go ago additionally :D

For future archeologists through cursor issues:

Your cursor is typically rendered by the GPU (hardware rendering), and also enabling cursor trails pressures it to be rendered by your CPU (software application rendering). Enable that alternative and check out if it fixes the worry. If it does, it"s most likely a difficulty through your graphics driver, or, much less most likely, your graphics card.

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