Motorola no command

In the unlikely event that your device becomes unresponsive, frozen, empty or black display screen, or will not respond to the power button, you deserve to percreate a pressure rebegin or reboot on the device by complying with the stepsbelow.

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Press and hold the Power buttonfor 7 - 10 secs, the gadget will certainly rebegin and also go with the boot-up sequence.Notes:

The required rebegin or reboot will certainly not delete any File on your phone.

Factory Documents Reset is a tool provided to rerelocate every little thing that was imported, added or installed on the tool. Keep in mind, as soon as utilizing this attribute everything is deleted.To reset your device:1.Touch

2.Touch Settings3.Touch Backup & reset4.Touch Factory File Reset5.Touch Recollection Phone

Note: If you have actually customized your Moto X on Motomaker you will have the alternative to remove your personalized content. If you want to remove your start up message or wallpaper, check the Erase all personalized content box.


External Reset

If you are unable to accessibility the phone"s food selection to perform the traditional recollection you can attemptan exterior factory reset.


When utilizing this feature; every little thing is deleted from the tool. If you have customized your gadget on Motomaker, your personalized message and also wallpaper will certainly not be deleted.Recollection will certainly call for a minimum battery level of 25%. If you areunable to perform a recollection, pleasecharge for 20-30 minutes and also try reset aobtain.

Lollipop Steps

1. Ensure the gadget is powered off, and unplugged

2. Press and also host the Volume Down button and Power switch (situated on the ideal edge of the device) for about 3 seconds then release.

3. From the "Boot Setting Selection Menu" display, choose Recoincredibly.

Note: Use the Volume Down switch to scroll via the menu alternatives and the Volume Up button to select.

4. From the "No Command" display (Android figure lying on his back), press and also hold the Power button then press and also release the Volume Up switch to display the menu options.

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5. Select "wipe data/factory reset".

Note: Use the Volume buttons to highlight and the Power switch to choose.

6. Select Yes -- delete all user data.

Note: Allow numerous seconds for the manufacturing facility data reset procedure to finish.

7. Select reboot device now.

Note: Allow a number of minutes for the reboot process to finish.

KitKat Steps

1. With the phone powered off,presstheVOLDOWN KEY for 2-3 secs thenPOWER essential then release.

2. The tool will displaydifferent BOOTOPTIONS

3. Use the VOL DOWN Key to SCROLL to Recoincredibly and VOL UP Key to selectTip: If the device reboots, you may havewaited to long to make a selection, youwill need to begin the process aget.

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4. The gadget will certainly displaytheMotorola logo design and also thentheAndroid in distress( logo design through Exclamation mark)

5. Press and hold theVOL UPessential for10-15 seconds.While still holdingtheVOL UPkeytap and also release thePOWERkey

Tip: You canattempt this step, holding the phone in landscape. If you arestuck on step 6, attempt apressure reboot by pushing the Power crucial and also Vol Down essential, and also start the process aobtain.

6. The tool will certainly display added food selection choices (Text will certainly show up in BLUE)

7. Use the VOL DOWN Key to scroll to Wipe information / factory resetand the POWER Key to selectthisoption

8.Use the VOL DOWN vital aget to pick YES - delete all user information and also press the POWER key to CONFIRM