Moto g6 lock screen clock

Moto Display deserve to present you a sneak peak of your notifications, even when your display is off, so you stay in the understand without having to carry out a thing.

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Moto Display in on by default as soon as you receive your phone.  When brand-new, essential notifications arrive as soon as your screen is off, Moto Display will fade a straightforward notice in and out to subtly acquire your attention.  

Moto Display will certainly not appear if the phone is:

In your pocket or purseFace downOn a call

Just reach for it

As you technique your phone, Moto Display will certainly display any new notifications. To revolve this feature on/off, open up Moto, Select the gear/sparkle in the top best, choose Actions, select Approach for Moto Display and also turn the toggle in the top appropriate to the on or off position.



To connect with  a new notification, touch and host on the alert to check out content in the uper left or drag your finger approximately open up the notication"s application. 


Drag your finger dvery own to the lock icon to unlcok your phone.


Or, swipe left or appropriate to dismiss the indevelopment.



Modify just how much content you are able to watch by opening Moto, choosing the gear/sparkle in the upper best, and choosing Display. Then, under Select How Much Detail Shows select from All, Hide sensitive content, or none.

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To enable Moto Display: Touch  > Moto > >  Display > Encertain Moto Display is toggled to the right.

To disable Moto Display: Touch  > Moto >  > Moto Display > Encertain Moto Display is toggbrought about the left.

Can I control which apps push notifications to Moto Display?

Yes.  You may customize exactly which apps publish notifications on the Moto Display by going to “Select apps” in settings.To regulate which apps push notifications to Moto Display: Touch  > Moto > > Display > Block apps > Make desired selections for applications you perform not wish to watch administer alert content on your lock screen.

What if I don’t desire human being to see my notifications?

First, Moto Display is designed through your privacy in mind.  Unprefer various other services, no personally identifiable indevelopment is revealed on the top-level screen.  Instead, you discreetly see the kinds of brand-new notifications that are waiting for you and also the moment.  A pevaluation of the optimal notifications is accessible when you communicate with Moto Display.  However, this even more thorough check out can be suppressed by choosing “More privacy” in the settings food selection.  Enterprises can pressure the “More privacy” alternative by employing the Google Apps policy or various other device plan that requires facility PINs or passwords.To hide notice details when you are using a PIN or password lock: Touch  > Moto >  > Display > Set Select How Much Detail Shows to None.

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Will using Moto Display influence my battery life?

Moto Display has actually been engineered to present crucial indevelopment even once you phone is asleep.  Even though the screen fades in and out to ensure you are informed of the important stuff, we use incredibly bit power (simply a couple of percent of the complete battery capacity).