Moto g factory reset no command

Summary – Many kind of Android individuals are dealing with the problem “No Command” error in Recoincredibly Mode on their Android gadgets.

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Since, I have discovered that this conversation has actually end up being among the warm topics in many kind of forums & area websites, I have actually determined to assist those users by creating this valuable blog on just how to fix “No Command” Error In Recoincredibly Mode on Android.

I will certainly show exactly how you deserve to bypass this display screen and as soon as you effectively bypass via this screen you will certainly then view the normal Android Recoincredibly Menu for which you are looking for. This solve will certainly occupational for any Android Phones and Tablets.

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What Is Android No Command Screen?

The Android No Command is incredibly troublesome display screen that occasionally gets presented once you attempt to reset Android gadget.

Sometimes once you boot right into recoincredibly mode you might view the Resting Android Robot (icon) with its ago or Exclamation Point in triangle saying “No command“.

In most of the instances as soon as users attempt to reset their phone they have no troubles, yet in sometimes eextremely currently and also then some individuals enrespond to with the Android No Command also screen on their tools.

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It can be confutilizing as if you have ever recollection any Android phone, its commonly directly forward till you watch this no command also screen.

This screen does not inform anypoint and also sindicate says No command. It can be either that it wasn’t you to perform the correct thing to proceed yet it deserve to be confutilizing as it does not say anything to you for what to execute or it might be protecting display to make certain that you perform not incorrectly enter into the mode and erase your device or do somepoint and shed data that you would regret later on.

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Reachild Behind Android No Command Display Error

You might get No command display screen once Super Users Access has actually been denied or cancelled in the time of the installation procedure of app store (Google Apps Installer widget), OS software upday or when you try to recollection your smartphone.

In any of the instances you need to enter Android Recovery Setting and manually complete the process.

Tips: You need to take out your memory card and in some cases your SIM card too, from your phone prior to you perform the procedure.

The Process Applies To You When You Enrespond to Any of The Following:“No Command” Screen/MessageExclamation Point in Triangle or Dead Android Robot (icon)Phone not Rebooting/Restarting During Update

When you watch the resting robot or an exclamation suggest in triangle then you are in the Recoextremely Setting and you have to follow below discussed procedures to bring up the usual Recoexceptionally Menu.

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NOTE: Before you start the procedures, disattach any linked gadget from your phone such as USB cable, charger, OTG cable, and so on And also make sure that your phone battery is charged at leastern 80%.

What happens in recoextremely mode on Android?

Well in Android, recoextremely mode describes dedicated and also bootable partition which consists of recoincredibly console installed. After few keys are pressed all at a time will certainly boot your phone in recoextremely state.

Here you deserve to conveniently acquire some tools to aid to deal with the installation along with installation of official OS updates.

How do you reboot an Android phone?

When you think to reboot your Android device then you need to follow the below steps which have the right to help to do difficult reset of your gadget. Follow the steps:

First, switch off your deviceNow host the power button and Volume down switch altogether until you receive the alternative of bootloaderNow in bootloader food selection, use the volume up or down butlots to select various choices and also usage power button to enter or selectHere pick ‘Recovery Mode’Now you deserve to view the words ‘no command’ in babsence screenYou need to press and organize the power switch. Now push and also release the volume up switch yet continue to hold power buttonAfter this, you deserve to see a list through alternative of Wipe data/ manufacturing facility reset

Here as shortly as you choose manufacturing facility reset choice, you will certainly acquire a warn that your data will certainly obtain erased. Still if you desire to continue then choose Yes and Android gadget will be brought back to factory state.

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Steps To Bypass the “No Command” Display To Get in Into Recovery Mode Android

In order to bypass the NO command display and also to enter into Recovery Mode, you will certainly have to follow the listed below discussed steps.

Step 1: When you see the No Command also display you have to perform the following. Also note that you need to try various button combination and also discover out the correct combination for your device.

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Press Power, Volume Down, Volume UP, Home Button to carry up the Menu. If it does not work then follow different switch combination listed below.Press Volume Up and also Dvery own simultaneouslyPress Power and Volume DownPress Power and also Volume UpPress Power + Dvery own Volume and also Home ButtonPress Power + Volume Up and also Home Button

You get the idea shot different button combicountries till you find the correct one.

You need to try the different button combicountry till and also unmuch less you find the ideal one as it different for eincredibly tool and carry up the Recoincredibly Menu.

Tip 2: Once you discover the right switch combicountry and as soon as Recoincredibly Menu comes up and also you can go ahead and also pick Wipe Factory Reset or Wipe Cache Partition as you might have actually wanted to perform so in recoextremely.


Tip 3: Once the procedure completes, you deserve to then proceed better and also reboot your phone. You can view the “Reboot System Now” highlighted in blue. Just push Volume Up and also tap to choose it.

That’s it! Hopecompletely, now you will certainly not encounter such problem and also you can use your Android gadget as usual.

The above solution have the right to be percreated to resolve no command trouble in recovery mode on any kind of Android phones and also tablets such as Samsung Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, Note 4, Micromax A106, Micromax unite 2, Droid Turbo 2, Alcatel, Lenovo, HTC, LG, Panasonic, Xiaomi and more. The above actions have the right to also be applied as soon as your android device screen or pop-up “tough recollection no command” error message.

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Android Documents Recovery: To Resave Any Lost Documents After Fixing No Command also Error On Android

However before, tright here are cases wright here users shed their information from their Android phones/tablets after fixing no command also error in recoexceptionally mode. But you carry out not should problem about it anyeven more. Just after no command error settle, automatically apply Android Documents Recovery software application to retrieve lost/missing information.

So, in case if you have actually shed any type of of your information stored in inner memory of the device while perdeveloping the above process then you can instantly use Android File Recoextremely Software to reclaim data that obtained deleted/erased/lost while resolving No Command also display screen. It will certainly assist you to retrieve photos, videos, contacts, speak to history, call recordings, text messeras, whatsapplication information and also other documents.


Note: It is recommended that you downfill and use the software on your Desktop or Laptop. Recoincredibly of phone information on the phone itself is risky as you may end up shedding all your precious indevelopment bereason of data overwriting.

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Steps to Recover Lost File After Fixing No Command Error On Android

Step 1: Connect Your Android device

First, launch Android Documents Recovery software application on computer and also pick "Documents Recovery"


Step 2: Choose file forms to Scan

When your device is associated efficiently, Android File Recoextremely will certainly show the forms of information it supports. It has actually checked all types of papers by default. You simply have to pick the data form you wish to recover.

If your gadget is rooted then Android Documents Recoexceptionally will certainly provide 2 options: Shave the right to for deleted files and also Scan for all files. Selecting Scan for all records will certainly take longer time however it will sdeserve to the file thoaround.


And currently your device will be scanned to recoup lost data. This entire procedure will some moment so just wait and also relax.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Eexceptionally Android phone comes via a mode called as recoincredibly mode. This is valuable especially as soon as you want to recuperate your phone from some wrong points. It provides few tweak of options on phone. In enhancement, if your phone is having some trouble and you desire to resolve it then recoexceptionally mode deserve to assist you.

You must push and hold Power essential and also then push Volume Up essential as soon as and proceed to host Power switch. Then you will certainly watch Android System recoextremely mode on optimal of display. Now from right here, you can choose the choices below through Volume secrets and Power secrets to choose the one you desire.

Normally, safe mode helps you to look for several difficulties that happen with your apps and also widgets yet at the exact same time, it additionally disables your phone from accessing. But recoincredibly mode is various and also it helps to fix few worries or error on Android phone. Simply, pushing few buttons while startup will certainly enter right into recovery mode.

If you enter recoincredibly mode on Android, then your data is safe and also it will certainly not delete anything from device. But at the exact same time, this Android recoincredibly mode also enables you to delete every little thing and then recollection your gadget to factory settings.


I hope that by adhering to the over actions had actually assisted you to resolve your Android display saying “No Command” issue. Personally, I have actually encountered this difficulty many kind of times and I use the over approaches to deal with it eexceptionally time.

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