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They"re both grammatical:

Welcome is also a verb interpretation to get or accept via pleasure. Formed right into a previous participle, which attributes as an adjective, it is welcomed.

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More is welcome is absolutely the one you desire, given that it suggests to the viewer that they are being targeted by the statement. More is welcomed, on the various other hand also, sounds choose a bare statement of fact that you presently accept more, without the same appeal to the individual viewer.


"More is welcomed" relates to the money being welcomed (greeted at the door), must it arrive."More is welcome" relates to the principle of "more" being welcome (door is constantly open), must it arrive or not. Also,

the first means that you intend to say thanks to them as soon as they give you money.the second is more in heart via the sentence: "Thanks, door"s open up, just leave it on the table", thus not necessarily implying an immediate say thanks to you.

"Welcome" is correct as it is the conventional adjective.

"Welcomed" is a past participle, which are regularly similar to the adjective create, yet in this instance a different adjective exists, i.e. "welcome".


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