Monitor goes into sleep mode after startup

I execute not recognize a lot about computers, so I recognize this is a long swarm.However before I really need advice!

I have actually simply acquired a brand-new computer system tower (its second hand) and a monitor from a family member.Both monitor and tower were in complete functioning order prior to I brought them residence.

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However, I attatched my very own monitor and my partner altered the resolution, this worked fine.However before, as soon as I next turned my computer system on a message comes up on the computer system saying `monitor is going to sleep`

this happens on both monitors, and also I have no concept what to do!

I wan`t even aware monitors went sleep!Its a lot of bizzare

and also I would be incredibly grateful for some advice.

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Answered byskipdn0in aarticle from10 Years Ago

Hello, it sounds favor the person you got the P.C. from readjusted the power settings. I know WinXP settings however not Win 7. If XP, go to regulate panel, then power choices and set all those boxes to "never" like, never before revolve off monitor or tough drive, ect. And collection …

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Answered byRik_111in awrite-up from10 Years Ago

If you obtain this happen as quickly as windows boots then it"s more likely to be a resolution or refresh price difficulty.

Press F8 just after your bios display screen and also prior to home windows begins and select safe mode. In safe mode, you will be able to reduced your resolution and/or …

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skipdn0Newbie Poster
10 Years Ago

Hello, it sounds prefer the perchild you acquired the P.C. from adjusted the power settings. I recognize WinXP settings yet not Victory 7. If XP, go to control panel, then power choices and also set all those boxes to "never" like, never before revolve off monitor or hard drive, ect. And collection it as "allmethods on" at the peak of the screen. Hope this helps....


Rik_111Nearly on a Posting Maven
10 Years Ago

If you get this occur as quickly as home windows boots then it"s more most likely to be a resolution or refresh rate difficulty.

Press F8 just after your bios display and prior to home windows begins and also select safe mode. In safe mode, you will certainly have the ability to reduced your resolution and/or refesh price. If you need instructions on exactly how to execute this, we will first need to know what version of home windows you have!

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NicoleSqueak 0Newbie Poster
10 Years Ago


Thank-you very much for your aid.

I have actually currently set all the settings to `never`

and I uncovered out the factor it wasn`t functioning was as a result of the RAM being in the wrongway!!!

How this happened I have actually no principle.Thank-you for your advice.

It is very much appreciated


maycorinne.deguzman0Newbie Poster
8 Years Ago

why the monitor directly into sleep mode ?how to open


webjack0Newbie Poster
8 Years Ago

I think tbelow is no trouble in your monitor. And no monitor straight go right into sleep mood. You deserve to examine the power settings of your computer in windows 7 simply go to the control panel of your computer system then click to the power choice then pick the "revolve of display" to never before and click ok. I think it is enough for your difficulty.

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John_1690Newbie Poster
3 Years Ago

The computer has actually no trouble, it works extremely on various other monitors, my difficulty is with the monitor and wen I switch it on it screens for favor 4sec n goes earlier to sleep mode, the computer system is okay

rproffitt1,914"Nothing to view here." Moderator
3 Years Ago
j Long ago ATI cards had a boot resolution setting that developed problems like this.

I check out your claims that various other displays are fine yet I do not review that the BIOS display screen remains on. This suggests tright here is something incompatible in between this PC and this display. It doesn"t tell us a lot more. I don"t check out model numbers and also details I can view if this is reported by others in your peak write-up.

IOW, you left out vital details. Not that details have the right to uncover a cure, sometimes it just verifies it"s incompatible.

For currently speak to PC maker and monitor maker to ask them what to attempt following.

My try would be to attempt VGA 15 pin output and also HDMI. I would certainly be reestablishing the display and BIOS to defaults also.

Bottomline test? The COMPUTER and monitor SHALL occupational on the BIOS display screen or tright here is an incompatibility in the graphics area (card or monitor).

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