Missing itunes64.msi

“I can’t uninstall iTunes on my Windows 10, it’s showing some files are missing and also I don’t recognize what it is, just how perform I settle this problem? Thanks!”

Tbelow have to be some valid factors as to why you want to remove iTunes on your computer. iTunes is exceptionally vital as soon as it involves downloading, managing, and also even troubleshooting any iOS tools.

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Rerelocating iTunes yet is not that basic. If you notice, there are many components that you must include in the time of the installation and also these components are spcheck out out in your computer system that makes them difficult to uncover when deleting the program.

Incomplete installation or a corrupted download might trigger the uninstall worry. You may need to fix the underlying causes first prior to you can remove the iTunes totally.

If you are unacquainted through these errors and also components, you sudepend can’t uninstall iTunes on Windows 10 computers. Today, we’ll display you 2 reliable options on just how to totally remove iTunes and all its components from your computer system.

Part 1. How to Uninstall iTunes on Windows 10 Control PanelPart 2. How to Uninstall iTunes Without iTunes.msi on Windows 10Part 3. Summary

Part 1. How to Uninstall iTunes on Windows 10 Control Panel

The many widespread method of uninstalling and removing a regimen on a Windows computer system is using the Control Panel. This is wright here you deserve to view the whole list of software program and applications that were installed in your system. Some of the programs below are barely used or not also offered at all.

You deserve to remove them by opening the control panel and clicking the uninstall switch. However before, it’s fairly different from iTunes. First, you have to close iTunes and all its running processes, here’s how:

Open your Task Manager. You have the right to carry out this by pointing your computer mouse on the reduced taskbar and right-click and also choose Task Manager. You can also usage the short secrets CTRL + ALT + DEL and select Task Manager.You will certainly view all the running procedures detailed. Find the following:“iPodService.exe”“AppleMobileDeviceHelper.exe”“AppleMobileDeviceService.exe”“iTunesHelper.exe”Highlight each file and click End Task. You have to end the job on each .exe file.

After you have successfully finished these running tasks, you can currently open up the Control panel and also carry out the following:

Find iTunes among the list of your Programs and Features in the manage panel. You can open up the manage panel by searching it from the Start search box. Or you have the right to open the Win +R and also form in control panel Once you have effectively deleted iTunes find the adhering to associated apps:Apple Application SupportBonjourApple Software UpdateApple Mobile Device Support


Remove Related-apps and also Components

Another feasible reason why you can’t uninstall iTunes on Windows 10 is that possibly, tright here are still related-apps and also components that you haven’t deleted. Just to be sure, you have the right to check and perform the complying with procedures to totally get them off your computer:

Open the Run Cmd and also enter %programfiles%. You deserve to additionally push the Windows essential + R on your keyboard and also enter the offered commandFind the following: Bonjour, iTunes, iPodRerelocate these papers and also go to the Usual papers folder on your C: you deserve to discover it under This Computer and also then click C: and choose Program Files. Find and also click Usual filesIf you view the Apple folder, click to open up and uncover the following: CoreFP, Apple Application Support, Mobile Device SupportRemove the said filesIf you are making use of Windows 32-little bit, go to your Recycle bin and empty the folderFor 64-little, go ago to C: and also click Program Files (x86) and again discover the adhering to and delete: iPod, Bonjour, iTunesOpen the common papers folder and delete the complying with folders: CoreFP, Apple Application Support, Mobile Device SupportOnce you have actually rerelocated those folders, go to your Trash and empty your Recycle Bin

You have currently successfully unset up iTunes on your Windows 10 computer. The next time you are planning to reinstall it, you are currently familiar through the related files and components and it will be a breeze deleting the shelp program.

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Part 2. How to Uninstall iTunes Without iTunes.msi on Windows 10

If you are getting an error that your iTunes doesn’t have actually iTunes.msi file, this is probably the factor why you can’t uninstall iTunes on Windows 10.

Like the initially solution above, we’ll go via all the iTunes components and its related-papers so we deserve to completely delete it off your device.

Follow this overview on just how to uninstall iTunes without the iTunes.msi file on your Windows 10:

Open the Registry Editor on your computer system. You can execute this by entering Regmodify on your search box beside the Windows icon.When the registry editor opens up, click Edit and then open up the Find home window and type iTunes64.msi. Check all the boxes under Look at to search thoapproximately. Click NextAfter it finishes the search, it will route you to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREClassesInstallerProductsalphanumeric codeSourceListFind and also right-click on the parent vital and pick Export. Save the file and rename it to iTunes.regClick on the codes a couple of times until you have the right to lastly remove it from the context food selection to stop consisting of iTunes.msi when you are trying to uninstall iTunes

After you have addressed the iTunes.msi file from the regisattempt editor, proceed the process of uninstalling it by means of the control panel.


Part 3. Summary

Rerelocating iTunes all its related components are very vital when you are resolving iTunes or planning to re-install it later on. When you can’t uninstall iTunes on your Windows 10, you simply have to determine what went wrong or note down any kind of error messages it screens.

The 2 remedies we offered over are the finest techniques you have the right to usage to completely delete the iTunes. The first is to remove it by means of the control panel and from the C: following is to settle the iTunes64.msi on the registry editor prior to you have the right to entirely uninstall iTunes.

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Once you have carefully adhered to the actions then you deserve to now uninstall iTunes without any kind of problems. Have you done this before? What’s the simplest method you did to rerelocate iTunes? Share it through us.