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Dare to Go Wbelow No Other Star Tour Has Gone Before.

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Welpertained to Star Track Tours! The fresh technique to celebrity sightings Los Angeles. Star Track Tours has the the majority of up-to-date Hollywood Star Homes Tour in the game now. We crush the competition. TMZ Tours are highly overpriced and not virtually as substantial and also adventurous as our celebrity sightings tour. Climb aboard and also become a part of the activity. 

Not just carry out we market the incredibly ideal Hollytimber Star Homes Tour throughout the day, however we are the ONLY Celebrity Tour guide that supplies nighttime adendeavors as well. They say the Stars come out at night, right?.. So why not secure yourself a seat on our exclusive Hollyhardwood night time tour?

Star Track’s Star Homes Hollytimber Tour is the go-to Celebrity Tour that puts you in the middle of the action. When the lights go dvery own in the city of angels, Star Track Tours is the ideal seat in tvery own. Star Track Tours currently supplies Hollytimber Star Homes Tour at night & Extfinished Beach Tours so you deserve to see Los Angeles come alive when the party really gets going.


We’ve taken the boring Hollytimber Star Tour of the past and also made them more amazing and star-studded.

32 inch TV’s lug you inside the star’s residences as Star Track Tours takes you by their glamorous estatesNight Time Tours easily accessible for those that want to view first hand also what happens once the lights go down in the City of AngelsAdvanced, Open-optimal, Star Tracker Vehicles make sure you don’t miss out on a moment of the action

Star Track Tours is situated ideal in the heart of Hollylumber – CLICK HERE FOR DIRECTIONS!

Expect the unexpected on our Hollyhardwood Star Homes Tour

We put our guests appropriate in the middle of the activity on our Star Home Tour Hollyhardwood. Impromptu star sightings are a certain point as our routes are always being updated via the latest celebrity sightings and new hot spots. Take your pick from Celebrity Home Tours, Beach Tours or the constantly famous Hollyhardwood Night Star Tours.

Star Track Hollywood Star Homes | Daytime trips include:

Miley Cyrus Home Tour

Miley Cyrus Home Tour

Michael Jackchild, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Bruno Mars, Gwen Stefani, Jennifer Lopez, Just Bieber, Britney Spears, Jachild Statham, Quentin Tarantino, Ringo Starr, Beverly Housage, house from Ironguy, Lucille Ball, Jack Benny, Peter Faulk, and Rosemary Clooney. Cruise done the Sunset Spilgrimage to watch historic Rock-n-Roll venues in our roofless high-end van.

Hollylumber Night Tours Include ( 7pm – 9pm) :

Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, the Playboy Mansion, Ellen DeGeneres, the Aaron Spelling Mansion and Estate. When the stars come out at night celebrities gain wilder and show off their glitzier sides. Be a part of the only tour in Hollytimber that offers Hollytimber Night Tours.. Star Track Tours is the just location to check out the celebs as soon as the lights go dvery own in the city of angels.

5 Hour Santa Monica Beach Tour includes (10:00am) : 

See the stars of Hollywood and also Beverly Hills, 20th Century Fox Studios, UCLA, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Spilgrimage and also over 50 various other exceptional sights. PLUS Spfinish 2 hours at beautiful Santa Monica Beach. Shop the Third Street Promenade and also stroll the civilization famous Santa Monica Pier. This is by much the ideal package for your money.

Hollytimber Mansion Tour | Star Track Tours
David Beckham Home Tour | Star Homes Hollywood

Star Track Tours is thrilled to offer extended celebrity sightseeing tours that highlight some of LA’s a lot of iconic sights and areas. Not only execute we sell the standard day excursions, but likewise beach tours and also night star tours for those that desire to watch the glory of this expansive city in its entirety. Sit earlier and also relax in our open-height deluxe vans and reap an interenergetic, entertaining and informative Hollytimber Mansion Tour of Hollywood & Beverly Hills. We carry out the a lot of in-depth narrated tour of the star’s breath-taking celebrity mansions.

SEE the Hollyhardwood Star homes of Ellen Degeneres, Ringo Starr, Ozzy Osbourne, the Playboy Mansion, Laurel Canyon, wild West Hollylumber, fabulous Suncollection Spilgrimage, people well known Chateau Marmont, and also over 50 various other exceptional sights!!! PLUS stunning views of Los Angeles at night from the optimal of Mulholland also Drive!!! SEE the Star homes of Michael Jackson, Tom Cruise, David Beckham, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Elton John, Lucille Ball, Julia Roberts, and over 50 various other exceptional sights!!! PLUS Beverly Hills, Rodeo Drive, the fabulous Suncollection Spilgrimage, the Hollyhardwood sign, and breathtaking Mulholland also Drive!!! SEE the highlights of Hollyhardwood and Beverly Hills, 20th Century Fox Studios, UCLA, Rodeo Drive, Sunset Strip, and also over 50 other impressive sights!!!We drive you through the a lot of coveted zip codes that LA has to offer

The Hollyhardwood Sign • The Walk of Fame • TCL Chinese Theatre • Suncollection Sexpedition • Rodeo Drive • Beverly Hills Sign • Bel Air • Mulholland Drive • View of Downtown LA • 20th Century Fox • Warner Brothers Studios

Jump on Star Track Tours this particular day and also get on the fast-track to witnessing celebrities in real time!

Star Track Tours is the premiere Hollyhardwood Mansion Tour adventure that guides you via Tinseltown to uncover every one of the celebrities you’re dying to see up close and personal.

Of course tbelow are dozens of various other Celebrity Home Tours in Hollytimber, however the majority are outdated, overpriced and also don’t sell the adaptability and also authenticity that Star Track Tours provides. Forget the Star Maps of decades ago, beam aboard Star Track Tours this day and get on the fast-track to witnessing the Hollyhardwood scene in real life.


Explore the City That Placed Celebrities on the Map

See the homes of Michael Jackkid • Lucille Ball • Elton John • Bruno Mars • Julia Roberts • Robert Downy Rr. • Ozzy Osbourne • Al Pacino • Justin Bieber • David Beckham • Tom Cruise • Kim Kardashian • Kylie Kardashian

Our Hollyhardwood Star Homes Tour is the BEST in the BIZ!

Kim Kardashian Home Tour

Los Angeles is one of the most face-paced and also inrenowned cities…. Full of diversity, legendary tales of fame and fortune, and also the greatest concentration of well known human being on the world. Star Track Tours has the inside track on the freshly acquired properties of the well-off and famed, wbelow they hang-out and also components of the city wbelow you are sure to get up close and individual with your favorite celebrities. Star Track Tours is the leader of the pack once it involves Star sightings Hollylumber.

Our professional Star Guides are well-versed in your favorite celebrity hang-outs, eateries and areas of their estates. Our signature Los Angeles Star tour is designed for optimum sight-seeing while also hitting the the majority of coveted and also star-studded locations on the world.


Visit the renowned Rodeo Drive on our Hollytimber Star Homes Tour. Our guests will be guided with the palm lined opportunities of the human being well known Rodeo Drive to check out the stores wright here the wealthy and also renowned shop. Including Bijan, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Cartier and also Harry Winston Jewelers, as well as the Beverly Wilshire Hotel featured in the movie “Pretty Woman”.

Get your flash finger prepared to click up a storm | Hollywood Celeb Home ToursGet your cellphones and also cameras prepared.Enjoy obtaining some sunlight via friends and also household.Prepare yourself for a star-studded adendeavor of a life time.

Trust Star Track Tours to make your expedition to tinseltown a memorable one.

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Our guided Hollywood Mansion Tour is the best in the industry and our clients can vouch for us. Don’t obtain swayed by various other out-dated and lame star tours. We pay attention to the latest patterns and hot-spot locales. Start living your life in the limelight with Star Track Tours of Hollytimber.