In this write-up, learn just how to deal with "Microsoft wants to use your confidential indevelopment stored in..." pop-up store showing up, when you open Office for Mac apps.

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If you’re utilizing Office for Mac or Office 365 apps on MacOS, then you can have challenge this widespread concern. Actually when you open up any kind of Office application, you may check out this pop-up which is asking for credentials:

Microsoft desires to usage your confidential indevelopment stored in “Microsoft Identity ” in your keychain.To permit this, enter the “login” keychain password.


Because the message mentions variable ID, it is not clear which password it is asking for. We tried inputting the user account password and then selected Almeans Allow, however the pop-up comes ago again. If you keep the password area empty, and click Allow, Deny or Always Allow, the pop-up will save showing up. Ultimately, it seems whatever choice we choose, the pop-up will reshow up. Then how to deal with this issue? Well, you deserve to try listed below discussed approaches and also watch if they helps you.

FIX: Microsoft Wants To Use Your Confidential Information

Method 1 – General Suggestions

1. Reboot your MacBook and watch if concern resolves itself.

2. Close all Office apps, and also reset keychain in your Mac making use of measures discussed in Apple’s support article.

3. Log out of Office application and also attempt signing-in earlier.

If this doesn’t helps, refer Method 2 below.

Method 2 – Via Keychain Access

1. First of all make sure the Office applications such as Word, PowerPoint, Excel are closed and not running also in background.

2. Open Finder, and also go to Applications > Utilities. From Utilities folder, double click and open Keychain Access.


3. In Keychain Access, you’ll be switched to login tab by default. Find out the ID which is mentioned in pop-up and situate it here. Left click it and pick Get Info.


4. Next off, in the home window opened, delete all the content discussed versus Kind. Click on Save Changes switch.


5. Open Office apps and also you’ll no longer face this problem.

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If worry still persists, attempt uninstalling Office for Mac, utilizing this step-by-action guide:

How To Completely Uninstall Office For Mac

Then try reinstalling Office for Mac, making use of measures stated in this guide:

Install Office For Mac Using Office 365 Subscription

Hope this helps!


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