Microsoft word opens all my documents

The very same document opens every time I open up word. How execute I correct this? Microsoft Word 2007.Windows Vista.

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It sounds to me choose you either readjusted your default document, or are clicking a .doc/.docx shortreduced that is launching Word.

First, if it is the second one, make sure you are clicking on a conventional Microsoft Word shortcut and also not a document.

If you are, and also it is sindicate opening a new document through message currently tbelow, you sindicate need to reset your (Word 2003 and also below), or your normal.dotx (Word 2007 and also above).

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This file is located in %appdata%microsoft emplates(Copy and paste that to the run box or explorer address bar, it must go to the correct folder.)

Once you have actually the file, ssuggest open it, delete whatever inside it / collection the font but you choose it and also then pick save, make sure you pick template in the extension form, and also relocation the file. The following time you begin, it must always open up through this record.

I hope this helps

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