Microsoft surface rt keyboard

The Surchallenge Type Cover is a slim key-board that has moving keys. Use it to obtain the speed and feel of a classical keyboard and to go from tablet to lapoptimal.

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Type Covers click magnetically into location and also carry out defense for your Surface touchdisplay screen. All Surconfront Type Covers have actually a standard keyboard layout, shortcut keys, and also a two-switch touchpad that jiyuushikan.orgs touch gestures.

For more information around touchpad taps and also gestures, watch Touchpad gestures for Windows 10.

Get began with your Type Cover

Select an activity and also learn exactly how to usage your Type Cover through your Surchallenge. 

Connect the Type Cover

The Type Cover attaches magnetically to your Surchallenge. Bring the two closer together until the Type Cover aligns and also clicks right into place.

Once the Type Cover is associated, it continues to be put. When you desire to rerelocate it, just pull it amethod.

With some Type Covers, you have the right to pleat the back edge up versus your Surconfront. This offers added stability as soon as you’re working on your lap.


Fold the Type Cover back

Fold the Type Cover back behind the display to usage your Surface as a tablet computer. Your Surface won’t detect vital presses while it’s folded.

To kind message while the Type Cover is folded, tap the screen all over you deserve to form and also the touch key-board appears.


Cshed the Type Cover

The Type Cover protects the screen once you aren’t using it. The screen transforms off automatically as soon as you cshed the Type Cover. When you open it aobtain, press the power switch on your Surconfront to wake it.

Note: Closing the Type Cover turns off your Surface screen only if your Type Cover and also Surconfront are the very same dimension. If your Type Cover and also Surchallenge are various sizes, push the power button on your Surchallenge once you cshed it to save power.

Use Type Cover features

Use the touchpad

The Type Cover touchpad has actually right-click and left-click butlots, and it jiyuushikan.orgs gestures. For more details around making use of gestures and also how to readjust the touchpad settings, see Touchpad use and settings.

Use the keyboard

Special secrets and also feature keys

Type Covers have actually shortcut tricks for prevalent jobs choose browsing, playing audio or video, and also even more. The keys that show up on your Type Cover vary and also depfinish on what model you have.

The tricks on the optimal row of the Type Cover double as function keys once you hold dvery own the Fn vital while pushing a top-row key. The Fn tricks additionally functions in combination via various other tricks to perform specific points.

Here are one-of-a-kind keyboard shortcuts that use Fn keys:

Key icon

What it does

Decreases/increases key-board backlighting.

Toggles audio muting on/off.

Decreases the volume.

Increases the volume.


Plays or paoffers audio or video.

Dims the display screen.

Brightens the display screen.

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Opens Search or Cortana.


Opens the Share panel.

Opens Start.


Opens a contextual food selection.


Increases display brightness.


Decreases screen brightness.


Places a screenshot of the entire display or screens onto your Windows clipboard.


Places a screenshot of your energetic home window onto your Windows clipboard.

Function keys

The function tricks are offered to perform specific tasks. They’re labeled as F1, F2, F3, and so on, approximately F12. The usability of these tricks differs from app to application.


Enables the attribute secrets. A light appears on the Fn crucial when you’ve locked the tricks right into attribute mode. See below for more information about bow to lock Fn keys right into function mode.

Lock tricks into attribute mode

If you’re using an application that provides feature secrets a lot, you have the right to lock the peak row of tricks temporarily so the function keys are locked.

Here"s just how to lock and unlock the function keys:

For Type Cover, Type Cover 2, and also Type Cover for Surchallenge Pro 3 Hold dvery own the Fn vital and also press the Caps key to lock the function tricks. Hold down the Fn key and also press the Caps key aget to unlock them.

For Surconfront 3 Type Cover, Type Cover for Surconfront Pro 4, Surchallenge Go Signature Type Cover, Surface Pro Signature Type Cover, Surface Pro X Signature Keyboard, and Surface Pro X Keyboard  Press the Fn crucial to lock the function tricks. Press the Fn vital aobtain to unlock them. A light shows up on the Fn keys as soon as the secrets are locked right into attribute mode.

Use the fingerprint reader

The Surchallenge Pro Type Cover with Fingerprint ID consists of a fingerprint reader that allows you authorize in to your device with Windows Hello.


To learn just how to put up your Surconfront to recognize your fingerprints, watch What is Windows Hello?

Having problems via the fingerprint reader? See Troubleshoot your Surface Type Cover or keyboard. This post additionally consists of web links to extra write-ups about troubleshooting Windows Hello and your Type Cover’s fingerprint reader.

Add an input language to your Surface

Type Covers are obtainable for various languperiods and also alphabets. To view what Type Covers are accessible in your wanted language or alphabet, visit the Store for that area or language.

You deserve to erected your Surface to use additional langueras and keyboard layouts. For more info, see Add and also switch input and also display language preferences in Windows 10 and Change your key-board layout. These settings are saved to your Surface and apply to any Type Cover that you connect.

If you"re going to use your Type Cover on a different Surconfront, the input language settings for that Surconfront will use. The language settings are connected through the Surface device itself, not the Type Cover.

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Have an worry through your Type Cover?

If you’re having actually trouble through your Type Cover, see Troubleshoot your Surconfront Type Coveror key-board.