Microsoft phone recovery key

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> Updays & security > Find my phone later on and do it there.

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After you turn on Recollection Protection, you"ll acquire a "Welpertained to Reset Protection" confirmation sent out to the email address associated via your account.

To rotate off Recollection Protection prior to you offer or offer ameans your phone

Before you hand also off your phone, remove all of your individual info and also revolve off Recollection Protection-the recipient will not have the ability to usage the phone unmuch less Reset Protection is turned off.

If you want to bring over things to your next phone, back up your stuff.

Select Settings


> System > About > Reset your phone.

If you"re all set to erase every one of your individual content on your phone, selectYes, and also then pick Yes aacquire to verify.

Type your account password, and after a couple of moments Recollection Protection will certainly turn off.

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To rotate off Recollection Protection as soon as you no longer own the phone

If someone has received your phone and also you didn"t revolve off Recollection Protection, the recipient won"t have the ability to set up the phone. Here"s what you have the right to do:

Next to the phone you no much longer own, selectRemove phone.

Select the I"m prepared to remove my phone check box, note the recovery vital, and also then selectRemove. The recoincredibly crucial will certainly display on the page and will likewise be emaibrought about you.

When you"re particular that you have your recoextremely essential conserved, choose theI"ve kept a copy of the recoexceptionally key examine box, and also then selectOkay.

Forward the recoincredibly crucial email to your phone recipient.

Your phone is no longer detailed, and also the recipient have the right to rerelocate Reset Protection throughout phone set up using theDisable utilizing recoincredibly key option.

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Buying or getting someone else"s phone?

Here are a few essential points to think about when taking ownership of a formerly owned phone:

If the phone is put up however locked, contact the previous owner. That perkid need to have the password you have to unlock it so you deserve to erected the phone.