Microsoft office folder icons

Many kind of civilization have actually asked the question: "How perform I produce an Office 2016 oselection folder symbol in the dock of OSX."

It is actually fairly straightforward. But beware older explacountries of exactly how to carry out his have actually changed as OSX has actually progressed. I therefore aim to provide an easy up-to-date and definitive explacountry.

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Step 1 - If you haven"t currently done so downfill Office 2016 for Mac and install it in the Applications folder of your Mac.

Tip 2 - Go to theFinderand choose theApplications folder. Using the top navigating bar, clickFileand also selectNew Folder. A brand-new folder called "untiled folder" will certainly show up.

Tip 3 - Select theuntiled folderand also rename it whatever you wish to call it, e.g. "Office 2016"

Step 4 - Select the individual Office applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc.) and place them in the new folder.

Step 5 - Find the icon art you wish to use for Office 2016 for Mac and also downpack it to your desktop. If you want to use the same oselection icon that you check out on Macs in Apple stores, try here:

Step 6 - Open the file andSaveasa .PNG file (if it isn"t currently in this file format).

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Step 7 - Open the folder in Preview and also click Edit in the height navigation bar. SelectCopy.

Tip 8 - Select the Office 2016 folder. Click File and selectGet details. A small box will certainly show up reflecting the folder icon at the bottom.


Tip 9 - Right at the peak of package, you will certainly view a very little folder symbol. Click on this so that it is highlighted in blue.

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Tip 10 - Click Edit and also pick Paste in the peak navigation bar. The new folder image you have schosen will now appear as the folder"s brand-new symbol. Close the box and also you"re done.

Althe majority of... the icon may be distorted so that it is square in form. If this happens, it is bereason the picture you have actually offered is not itself square. OSX makes all folder icons square. To make a folder image square, you must modify the canvas on which the image is put. If you do not knowhow to execute this, go to Mac App Store and also download a complimentary app referred to as Image2symbol. Follow the instructions and also it will be done automatically for you. )