Microsoft office cannot verify the license for this product 2013

Apparently this is a well-known concern with Microsoft Office 2013 and 2016. Unfortunately the support short article describing the resolution to the issue isn’t incredibly clear. I invested some time analyzing this concern and here’s what I’ve found.

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This problem and also resolution applies especially to Microsoft Office 2013 and also 2016 on Windows 7 and also Windows 10. It does not work for any kind of Microsoft Office 365 installations. To solve licensing/product vital concerns through Office 365, please view Microsoft’s write-up on how to reset Office 365 activation.

The user opens Microsoft Outlook 2013 or 2016 on Windows 7 or Windows 10 and also the program opens however instantly screens the following error: “Microsoft Office cannot verify the license for this product. You need to repair the Office regimen by making use of Control Panel.”


This error have the right to take place if a user has previously run the routine compatibility wizard for a routine part of the Microsoft Office package and set the choice to run that regimen in compatibility mode going forward. In my example, the user was newly moved to Windows 10 and after running right into an issue with Microsoft Outlook ran the compatibility wizard, selected Outlook and then schosen a various operating system than the existing operating system.

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Close the affected application (Outlook in this case).Open Regedit.Select any type of executable component of Microsoft Office and also delete those related entries. In the instance over C:Program Files (x86)Microsoft OfficeOffice15OUTLOOK.EXE is the just MS Office executable, so I’ve deleted that item.Start Outlook.

The reason the Microsoft technology post is confutilizing is because of the instructions which haven’t been updated in a while. Windows 10 does not display a Compatibility tab on shortcuts to or executable records themselves which are signed by Microsoft and also recognized to be compatible with that operating mechanism. It is, however still possible to “revolve on” compatibility mode for those very same executables using the compatibility wizard.

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Once the wizard has been run, however, tbelow isn’t a basic method to remove or even identify whether an executable has been assigned to run in compatibility mode. Even uninstalling and also re-installing MS Office will not solve the problem bereason the existing individuals profile (registry) has the information that tells windows which executables have to be run in compatibility mode. The only means to rerelocate the compatibility mode assignment is using the compatibility tab (which has actually been rerelocated in home windows 10 for may executables) or the registry (as shown above).