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Hi everyone. On Nov first I set up MS Office Professional on a new Windows 8 workterminal after obtaining the device recorded up through Windows updays. I had the ability to setup Outlook, and also had the ability to open Word and Excel. A few reboots in the future that same day, MS Office suddenly stopped functioning. If I clicked on the Outlook, Word, Excel, and so on. shortcuts it preserved opening Windows Installer as if the software program was no much longer mounted. I went to the Control Panel in attempt to repair MS Office, but it shown that the software might no much longer be set up.

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I unset up Office and tried re-installing it and also was now gaining an error stating, "MS Office 2010 Professional has encountered an error in the time of setup". I gave up and also didn"t also bother utilizing the computer aacquire until this morning. This morning once I logged in Windows advertised to me that Windows 8.1 was easily accessible as a cost-free online upgrade. I made a decision to do the upgrade, in really hopes that I could then successfully install MS Office. After Windows 8.1 finiburned downloading/installing I tried installing MS Office again numerous times yet proceed to receive the same error component means via the installation procedure.
I did some study on this error an pre-Windows 8 operating devices seem to have an issue through .NET Framejob-related. Windows 8/8.1 does not have actually a separate installation of .NET Framejob-related and also you cannot manually install it. I did some searching on Google and can"t seem to discover any type of instances of reservices to this concern for Windows 8 operating units. Any suggestions?? Thank you!!
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Replied on November 6, 2013
The upgrade to win 8.1 will not aid, and also might actually reason even more problems. Hint: once trouble shooting try to minimize transforms to the environment. Installing a brand-new OS is a HUGE change.Sorry, I do not have any kind of suggestions for that specific error message. Right currently all I have the right to suggest is collecting even more indevelopment. The means to execute that is rotate on Verbose Logging, install aget then check the logs. If you do not uncover anything valuable, upfill ALL of them to sharepoint and also provide us an edit link to them. If you do discover an error and also want to article simply the error, extract numerous lines before and after what you consider the error. Often there are hints about the noticeable error. Do not ssuggest administer paraphrases of error messeras.
Verbose logging - Trouble shooting Problems Installing Office 2003/2007/2010/2013 - deal with Its to revolve logging on and also off - assist interpreting logs - Enable logging on XP - Fix it enable XP, Server 2003-8

“Verbose logging” is a setting that exposes even more indevelopment throughout the installation process. It will capture “warning” and also “error” messeras that administer us via clues to your trouble.

You can article the produced Logs in Skydrive and also offer a attach to them to your technician if you need technological aid.

The point is, the “useful” component will certainly be very small and also incredibly particular and you probably won’t identify it. So posting extract might capture the difficulty, yet often miss out on the important details, so it is finest to provide us accessibility to everything captured

PS: remember to revolve Verbose Logging OFF after you resolve the trouble. It will proceed to geneprice “excess” logging documents during all installations, including Windows updates.

To perform onetime verbose logging:

Diagnosing When Setup Stops RespondingAt times, Office Setup stops responding (hangs), and also you carry out not receive any kind of error message. The ideal point to perform in this instance is to rebegin your computer system, and run Office Setup again through complete verbose logging turned on (with one extra option). To do this, begin Office Setup. To execute so, follow these steps:

1. Click Start, and also then click Run.

2. In the Open box, kind the adhering to command line, and then click OK:

pathSetup.exe /L*v! C:Verboselog.txt

Note that Path is the full course of your Office source place.

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To permit Windows Installer logging yourself, open up the registry through Regedit.exe and produce the following route and also keys:


Reg_SZ: LoggingValue: voicewarmupx

The letters in the value field have the right to be in any kind of order. Each letter turns on a different logging mode. Each letter’s actual function is as adheres to for MSI variation 1.1:

v - Verbose outputo - Out-of-disk-room messagesi - Status messagesc - Initial UI parameterse - All error messagesw - Non-fatal warningsa - Start up of actionsr - Action-specific recordsm - Out-of-memory or fatal exit informationu - User requestsp - Terminal properties+ - Appfinish to existing file! - Flush each line to the logx - Extra debugging indevelopment. The “x” flag is easily accessible just on Windows Server 2003 and also later on operating devices, and also on the MSI redistributable variation 3.0, and on later on versions of the MSI redistributable.”*” - Wildcard, log all information except for the v and also the x alternative. To include the v and the x option, specify “/l*vx”.

Note This have to be offered only for troubleshooting purposes and also have to not be left on bereason it will have adverse impacts on mechanism performance and disk space. Each time you usage the Add/Rerelocate Programs tool in Control Panel, a brand-new Msi*.log file is developed.

When looking with the MSI logs we will certainly commonly desire to look for avalue 3 enattempt in the logs. Windows installer retransforms codes during the install which will indicate if a particular function prospered or not.Value 1 = Success Value 2 = Cancel Value 3 = Error

Note: make certain to turn off verbose logging after you are done.

Enable verbose logging before collecting the log documents.

1. Click on Start -> All Programs

2. Accessories -> RUN

3. Type reg add HKLMSOFTWAREjiyuushikan.orgClickToRunOverRide /v LogLevel /t REG_DWORD /d 3

4. Click on OK.

Now try to install Office 2013 to obtain the error message so that the log documents get developed.

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Provide the finish error log existing in the ‘Temp’ folder to help you much better.

Follow the measures listed below to access the ‘Temp’ folder.

1. Click on Start -> All Programs

2. Accessories -> RUN

3. Type %temp% -> Click on OK

Following are the log records that might be current in the %windir% emp folder (c2r is for Click to Run):Bootstrapper*.log