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Published on May 2fifth 2012 - Listed in Windows Netjob-related For Microsoft"s Volume License customers tright here is a activation function referred to as KMS (Key Management Service) accessible. This KMS server sits in your netjob-related, lis10s for product activation repursuits (e.g. Office 2010, Windows 7, etc) and also serves the repursuit with the volume license key. By utilizing this KMS activation strategy, installations can be automated and the mounted product will be instantly energetic (no more manual activation by the user).

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The following measures explain how you can put up a KMS server for Office 2010.

1. Choose your KMS server wisely. There are specific requirements which have to be fulfilled. Example: Windows 2008 R2 is sustained, Windows 2008 (without R2) yet is not. You deserve to usage an existing server or put up a new one, carry out choose you wish. KMS itself is not a actual application and also the few packeras to install does not justify to put up its own server. The server need to be member of the Active Directory Domajor.

2. Find your Office 2010 KMS crucial.

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If you"re a Volume License customer, you have accessibility to Microsoft Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC): In the list of assets you need to find the Office 2010 KMS crucial, which is presented equivalent to this:


Keep in mind that tbelow is a MAK and KMS type. As the name already says, you should copy the KMS vital.

3. Download and also install Microsoft Office 2010 KMS Host License Pack from this URL: This package adds the possibility to serve MS Office secrets. Without it, only Windows operating device secrets have the right to be added through the /ipk parameter. (If I understood that properly... at leastern in my tests the Office license crucial was rejected without the Host License Pack) You have to launch the installation with an elevated user, a doprimary admin preferably.

4. Get in the Office 2010 KMS crucial. At the finish of the installation, setup asks if you would certainly favor to enter a Microsoft Office 2010 KMS host product key:


Click on Yes and also enter your code. The complying with message will certainly be presented if the gotten in vital was a correct KMS essential for Office 2010 (and the validation over Net succeeded):


5. Check if port 1688 is listening. Launch a netstat command in a command box and check for a listening TCP port 1688. This port is used for KMS activations. Once MS Office 2010 KMS Host License Pack was set up, Port 1688 need to be open:

netstat -an | more Active Connections Proto Local Address Foregime Address State TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING TCP LISTENING

6. Verify the _VLMCS SRV DNS entry under _tcp. If you have provided a domajor admin user during the installation in action 3, a new DNS enattempt should have actually been developed in your Active Directory doprimary in the _tcp area. The following enattempt need to now exist. If it doesn"t you need to develop it manually:

Name: _VLMCS Type: SRV Data: 0 0 1688 mykmsserver.doprimary.regional.

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In the DNS application it looks like this:


That"s it. From currently on, every time an Office 2010 installation is launched, it will initially install all assets and then, at the finish of the installation instead of asking for a key, it will query the Active Directory doprimary for a _VLMCS enattempt and also query the uncovered organize for an Office 2010 crucial. By taking a closer look at it through Wireshark, it looks favor this:


I hope this just how to is useful to you. When I was trying to find a step by step hands-on I actually couldn"t discover one single working action by action overview...

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