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I had mounted Office 2010 Trial version via the click to install. Unset up Office 2019 trial and also Click to install via Control Panel, Rebooted. Then mounted purchased version from the CD and provided the new product vital. all went well. Here is my question, the individual regimen symbols to launch the programs have actually the Targain of Office 2010 Single image. Is that correct or have to it be the actual *.exe file located in "C:Program Files (x86) OfficeOffice14WINWORD.EXE"? Which is the correct program?
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Replied on January 29, 2011

"Single Image" is what MS offers to manufacturers to install.

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OEM PreInstallation Kit - OPK:

The OPK comes in the create of the “Single Image” installation file. The OEM Single Image installs Home and also Student, Home and also Business and Pro versions for activation.

What they don"t say is if activation of one uninstalls the others, most likely not ... . So my basic suggestionis fairly than activate the trial, uninstall single image and also then install just the package you bought.

Sounds favor you caused the single photo trial instead of the programs you set up. I would certainly indicate you uninstall whatever reboot, and start the installation over. It only costs you a tiny time, however you will certainly have a cleaner and more secure installation for the long run.

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After the uninstall, before you begin the install, you can want to attempt this hands-on procedure to confirm that everything has been uninstalled (belt and suspenders ...):

Manually uninstall the 2007 Office system if you cannot uninstall it by making use of the "Add or Remove Programs" feature -

For 2010 cleanup procedure continues to be the very same, just have to make some number substitions:

·Change all references from 2007 to 2010, 12 to 14 and also 12.0 to 14.0

·The best means to clean the %temp% folder is after a reboot, so if you are planning to reboot, host off on that action or repeat the %temp% cleanup after reboot

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