Microsoft office 2010 multiple computers

I simply bought a brand-new computer system, however plan to store my old one. I still have the original discs for Microsoft Office 2010 — have the right to I also install the regimen on the brand-new PC?

Microsoft released a few versions of Office 2010, so the number of computer systems on which you can install the software application varies. According to the company’s Web website, if you have actually the Office Home and also Firm 2010 edition or the Office Professional 2010 suite, you are permitted to install a copy on one COMPUTER and a 2nd copy on a portable tool “such as a lapoptimal.”

If you have actually the even more consumer-oriented Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 edition of the suite (the version that consists of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneKeep in mind — but not the Outlook mail program), you have actually more adaptability. This variation of the software program can be set up on as much as three computer systems designated for noncommercial use in a solitary family.

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To install the routine on the brand-new machine, you will certainly need the Office 2010 product key — that lengthy 25-character string of letters and also numbers commonly afaddressed to the DVD situation — to activate the software application. If you have actually troubles via product activation, Microsoft offers some support.

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