Microsoft office 2003 compatible with windows 7

On today’s in Mossberg’s Mailbox from Nov. 18, 2009 on the site (the blog wright here venerable modern technology columnist Walt Mossberg answers readers’ questions) Mr. Mossberg answers several reader concerns, including one on Microsoft Office 2003 and also Windows 7.  This must be a popular topic, bereason I got emails this week (many thanks, April and Josh) via essentially the exact same question.

Q: Will Office 2003 work via the new Windows 7 operating system?

A: Microsoft, which renders both commodities, claims the answer is yes, though I haven’t tested it.

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I have. It functions. I supplied it till freshly at house (one machine freshly relocated to Office 2007). But you desire more than anecdotal information from me.

Well, there’s a web page for that ;).

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As I initially reported below, you have the right to uncover even more information on the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center. Perhaps folks can encompass a recommendation to this helpful site when wondering virtual around Windows 7 application compatibility (aka "appcompat" at Microsoft). Just a thought.

With respect to Office 2003, we have tested it and you have the right to see the outcomes for yourself on the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, particularly on these pperiods for the Office 2003 Suites (and be certain to obtain Office 2003 Service Pack 3 gives the latest updates).

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You have the right to get indevelopment on even more commodities on the Windows 7 Compatibility Center, and also by making use of the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor. A few weeks ago, Katie Boehret (a reporter for the Wall Street Journal who pens the weekly Mossberg Equipment column), talked around this Windows 7 Upgrade Made Easy just before we released Windows 7 on October 22:

"Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor Beta , Microsoft’s very own tool, analyzes what will and won’t work-related correctly as soon as the newest variation of Windows installs."

More info: if you’ve obtained concerns around Windows 7, look thru the articles from area experts on the Microsoft Answers site around Windows 7 (in 11 languages!) at


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