Microsoft application error reporting download

I am installing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 (Full Server Role) on an isolated Windows Server 2012 R2 which doesn"t have internet accessibility. This is a constraint I have to attend to so it is not also feasible for me to "temporay enable internet". MSSQL 2012 is on a different box.

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I"ve been able to manually downpack, copy the files, and also install all prerequisites yet two:

Microsoft Application Error ReportingSQL Native Client


Where/how carry out I install these 2 staying prerequisites?

I"ve additionally turned-on "Windows Error Reporting" reasoning it can settle the "Microsoft Application Error Reporting" prerequiwebsite.

I"ve looked at the Software demands and also no certain server role is mentioned. Do I must install the "Application Server Role" ??? This is the only point I deserve to think of for the error reporting.

Any help is welcome!

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asked May 14 "16 at 1:03

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You MUST install SQL 2008 Native Client!

So the answer was finally obvious. Even if the item suggests "minimum version required" and also also if CRM 2016 requires SQL 2012, installing SQL 2012 Native Client does not work! You must install SQL Native client 2008 (you may select just the aboriginal client from the feature pack). I mounted 2008 R2 SP3 and also the need was met.

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Finally when all SQL needs are met, you may click "Install" to install Application Error reporting. This will certainly install appropriately without requiring any type of downtons.


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answered May 15 "16 at 1:36

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