Micro sd card shows 0 bytes

Find Out The Simple And Easy Solutions To Recover File From 0 Bytes SD Card And Effective SD Card 0 Bytes Repair Solutions!

SD card is offered in many type of devices.

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It is provided in digital cameras/camcorders, mobile tools (phones/tablets), mp3 players, video players, computer/laptops and also so on.

But world are encountering through error: SD card present “0 bytes”.

I have searched and also I found in numerous forum and community websites that so many kind of individuals of SD card are having actually the same trouble.

Hence, I have actually decided to compose this post that will certainly aid you to fix/repair SD card showing 0 bytes error message.

Read the article till the end and also follow the given remedies one by one.

But prior to I provide some manual solution, let me introduce the straight solution for recovering media papers from the memory card mirroring 0 bytes.

: Use Photo Recoextremely software, this will aid you to:

Recover inaccessible documents from card displaying “0 bytes” error messageRetrieve photos, videos and audio filesRecover data from 4GB/8GB/16GB/32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB Micro SD card reflecting 0 Bytes or showing 0 bytes used space and 0 bytes totally free spaceBeside memory card, the software program also restores media papers from difficult drive, USB flash drives, Pen drive that present 0 bytesPreview recoverable documents within software application prior last recovery100 % review just regime. Safe and secure

Retrieve Inaccessible Media Files From SD Card Showing 0 Bytes * Free version of the regime just scans and previews recoverable objects.

As we all know that SD card is simply prefer one more memory card that is provided to keep big amount of data such as photos, videos, songs, movies and also various other data.

It is little, portable and provided in various gadgets.

But as I questioned above civilization are encountering via several memory card errors and problems. And from numerous issues card mirroring 0 bytes has come to be major difficulties for customers.

Let us have a look to some real SD card users problems!

My video papers won’t play! They say 0 bytes??? PLEASE HELP

Hello, I went to an event last weekfinish and also taped 18 video clips through my digital cam. When I gained residence I drag and dropped the video papers from the memory card to a folder on my computer. I soon learned that 7 papers won’t play! Windows Media Player claims it can’t play the records and also as soon as I go to properties they say 0 bytes! What sucks is the clips that won’t play are the a lot of essential ones! I think it’s the memory card because the one I commonly use never before had this problem. I obtained a memory card from someone for this event.

PLEASE HELP! IS THERE ANY WAY I CAN GET THE FILES TO PLAY????!!!! My digital video camera is a Canon Powershot A560. The memory card I provided is a Lexar 8GB Platinum II 60x I likewise wanted to ask around the memory card. For some reason, my computer won’t identify the card once I put it into the memory card slot! I had to usage a USB to get the video documents off the cam. I need to put some pics back on the card, also, but it won’t let me execute it via the USB. Why won’t my computer identify the memory card? It recongises my continual memory card, however not this Lexar card. Thanks!

– Initial Blog post from CNET Forums

So, this was the real example confronted by various SD card individuals. But this error is not limited here. It occurs in Android phones, as soon as card linked to PC, in digital cameras and also on other several devices.

But what provides SD card check out 0 bytes?

Well, I know also you additionally wanted to know what are the factors that make SD card present “0 bytes”?

Caprovides, Why SD Card Sexactly how 0 bytes Space?

Well, the many common reasons behind SD card reports 0 byte is logical damage:

The logical damage includes:

Data mechanism corruptionVirus/malware Infection

Is it Possible to Recover Documents From Memory Card Showing 0 Bytes?

Let me tell you…..

That there are many kind of users out tbelow that think that whatever stored on the card is gone forever when it show 0 bytes or blank.

When SD card display 0 byte due to logical corruption, the data stored within it are not lost forever, till you add any type of brand-new data on it.

Hence, bereason of this factor, it is possible to get back records from a SD card that review 0 byte.

Finally, let’s involved the solution part!

Solutions To Recover Documents From Card Showing “0 bytes”

Below you can discover few options that will help you to fix and recover inaccessible or surprise files from the card showing “0 bytes” space even once it is full.

Follow the solution one by one and also check whether your difficulty is resolved or not.

Note: The same solution is applied to hard drive, USB flash drive, memory stick, pen drive and also other exterior data storage devices.

Systems #1: Connect The Storage Device Showing 0 Bytes With Other PC

This is the very quick method to inspect information.

Connect your SD card through one more PC and also see if an additional COMPUTER is able to check out the card and you are able to accessibility the data stored within it.

If it still display 0 bytes or if no files are there, then you need to try an additional solution.

Solution #2: Run CMD Command To View Hidden/Inavailable Files From 0 Byte SD Card

Connect Card with COMPUTER.On your PC, click Start and pick Run, kind CMD and also hit ENTER.A brand-new command also prompt home window will gain open.If your SD card drive name is F: Drive, then kind complying with command: attrib -h -r -s /s /d f:*.* and also hit ENTER.

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Once, the process gets complete, then you can examine the card for files.

Solution #3: Respanning Files from SD Card Which Says 0 Bytes

If namong the above solution comes beneficial, then you deserve to use the straight and also recommended experienced solution i.e, use Photo Recoexceptionally software to restore inavailable or surprise documents from SD card that display up 0 bytes.

* Free version of the regimen just scans and also previews recoverable objects.

The software program is obtainable for both Windows and Mac.

It is a perfect 0 bytes SD card recoincredibly software that helps you to recuperate all kinds of images, videos and audio files from all types of memory cards (SD, SDXC, SDHC, microSD, miniSD, microSDHC, CF, XQD, xD, SmartMedia, etc), of various brands such as SanDisk, Lexar, Toshiba, Transcend, Strontium, Verbatim, Kingston, Samsung, HP, Sony, and so on.

Also recuperate media records from formatted, virus infected, corrupted, unreadable memory cards.

The software program additionally assistance recovery of photo, video and also audio papers from digital cameras/camcorders, hard drives, outside difficult drives, USB drives, pen drive, memory stick, video player, mp3 player, mobile gadgets (phones/tablets), and so on.

Below discover out step-by-action overview on exactly how to recover digital media documents from memory card mirroring “0 bytes” in simply few simple mouse clicks.

Steps To Recover Files From SD Card Showing “0 Bytes”

Tip 1: Select Desired Location

Firstly, choose the drive, exterior media or volume from which you desire to recuperate deleted media records. After choosing, click "Scan".


Tip 2: Ptestimonial Respanned Media Files

Next, you can preview the recoverable media records after the scanning process is completed.


Step 3: Recover Media Files

Lastly, you have the right to choose the images, audio, video records you want to restore and click "Recover" choice to conserve them at the area you desire.


* Free version of the program just scans and previews recoverable objects.

Once, you recover information from card, it is time to solve SD card 0 bytes error, so that you can re-usage it aacquire.

Ways To Fix/Repair SD Card Showing “0 bytes” Error Message

Alright, below comes the SD card 0 bytes repair section!

The a lot of straightforward and simple way to solve SD 0 byte error is to format the card.

Below discover out a few ways on exactly how to format memory card:

Way 1. Style the card within digital video camera or phone. Go to Settings>Storage>click Layout alternative, in order to format the card.

Way 2. Format the card using PC. Connect the card to COMPUTER. Click START> Computer. Right Click the drive you desire to format. Click Style option, select proper file mechanism (as usual FAT32) and also click START to start format operation.

Way 3. You deserve to additionally open up Disk Management to format the SD card.

Note: When you successfully able to format the card, then it will certainly present its offered area 0 bytes because formatted SD card consists of nothing. However, it storage capacity will certainly gain back earlier to its original capacity and also thereby you have the right to re-use your card.


I hope from the above-stated solutions, you have actually been able to recover ineasily accessible documents from your memory card, USB drives, pen drives, hard drives that show 0 bytes yet have many data stored within it. However before, the recommended method to recoup SD card 0 bytes information is to use Photo Recovery tool.

As well as you have also learned the few effective SD memory card 0 bytes repair remedies on just how to format card in order to protect against 0 bytes SD card error.

If you have uncovered this article helpful and useful, then please do not forget to share it.

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