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40 years after ABBA released the original variation in 1981, "Slipping Thturbulent My Fingers" has actually surged in popularity again after TikTokers made it a wholesome online trfinish.

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Mamma Mia"s version of the song is bringing an extra emotional side to TikTok, via individuals recounting nostalgic memories to the track.

The audio has over 30,000 videos on the app at the moment of publication, while the tag #SlippingThroughMyFingers has actually over 58 million views.

Meryl Streep and Amanda Seyfried"s cover of the song was featured in the soundtrack of the 2008 romantic musical Mamma Mia, as the scene captures their respective personalities preparing for Sophie"s wedding.

The trend sees individuals pair a snippet of the song via an emotional memory of a family member that pulls on heart-strings.


The cookies are a mega hit among everyone currently #fyp #TikTokGGT

♬ Slipping Thstormy My Fingers - From "Mamma Mia!" Initial Motion Picture Soundtrack - Meryl Streep & Amanda Seyfried
bardtard"s video, which was uploaded on May 1, went viral on the app with over 3.3 million likes so far. "Thinking around the moment my dad felt negative because he threw out my cookie cutters, so he saw the garage and made one for me," reads the on-screen text.

The clip is followed by an image of a misshapen homemade cookie cutter, and also sparked relatable eactivities in the comments. "I would certainly store that for a lifetime and also make them for my children," wrote one viewer.

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kaylablock_"s video about her memory of her grandmommy hit 2.6 million likes. "Thinking about just how I told my grandma I had actually nothing to wear to my friend"s party and she was so excited to rush residence and also send me the "perfect outfit" she can lend me," reads message which comes before messeras mirroring the outfit.


once I display as much as the party in this don’t be shocked anything for gramma