Merge partitions without losing data


You may ask: deserve to I merge partitions without losing data? If yes, exactly how deserve to I merge partitions in Windows 10/8/7? Combining two partitions without information loss is a widespread topic and also MiniDevice Solution will display you a detailed overview with photos in this write-up.

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It Is Necessary to Merge Partitions Windows 10/8/7

In daily computer system use, even more and also even more persons focus on disk monitoring, for instance, resize/extfinish partition, format partition, move OS, clone tough drive and also even more. Thereinto, merging partitions is a usual partition management operation.

For instance, if there are many little partitions on a hard disk, you can merge them to create bigger ones; if a very important partition (choose system partition) is running out of area while its surrounding partition is filled via totally free room, you deserve to merge them to expand also the vital one.

Well then, exactly how to merge partitions without shedding data in Windows 10/8/7? Next, we will give a fairly excellent solution. 

Two Ways to Combine Two Partitions

Merge Two Partitions in Windows Disk Management

When referring to merge disk partitions, some of you consider using Windows Disk Management. However, this cost-free Windows built-in tool does not provide you via such a role to merge partitions directly and also it needs you to recreate partition after the tarobtain partition is deleted.

Let’s view exactly how to integrate partitions Windows 10/8/7.

In Disk Management, if you want to merge the brand-new volume F to D drive, you should delete the F drive to release disk room and also then use Extend Volume to combine two partitions.


However, this way will certainly bring about information loss, which is not the outcome you want. So, is tbelow any kind of program to merge partitions without losing data? The answer is positive.

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Merge Partitions Windows 10 Without Losing Documents through MiniDevice Partition Wizard

In order to incorporate two partitions without information loss in Windows 10/8/7, a third-party partition tool is required. Here MiniDevice Partition Wizard is highly recommended.

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If you must incorporate 2 information partitions on a non-server PC, the Free Edition of MiniDevice Partition Wizard is available. Just download and install it on your Windows 10/8/7 computer system.

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Pay attention to the complying with 2 aspects:

The 2 partitions need to be neighboring. 

Let’s check out exactly how to merge 2 partitions without losing information in Windows 10/8/7:

Step 1: Launch MiniTool Partition Wizard Free Edition to gain its major interconfront. Then pick the partition which needs to expand and choose Merge Partition from the activity panel.


Step 2: Select partition you desire to expand also, namely D drive right here. Click Next to proceed.


Tip 3: Select the partition that will certainly be included in the target partition and click Finish. Here select F drive.

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Tip 4: Then you will ptestimonial partition F has been linked to partition D and also you need to click the Apply button on the optimal to apply this adjust to the computer system. 


Actually, this partition tool deserve to not just merge partitions without shedding data in Windows 10/8/7 but additionally assistance many kind of other partition operations, such as extfinish partition, shrink partition, separation partition, copy partition, align partition, wipe partition, and adjust cluster size. Just have actually a try. 

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If you have actually any type of inquiries during the use of MiniTool software, sfinish an e-mail to or leave a comment listed below.

Merge Partitions Windows 10 Without Losing Documents FAQ

Can I merge two partitions without shedding data?