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I create the majority of these tiny clips on my digital electronic camera. These are in .mpg format and before I share them via others, I would love to just sign up with, clip a couple of secs right here and also tright here.

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I usage Google Picassa to develop new begin and also finish points, however I dont know a good way to join mpgs yet.

Whats the finest cost-free software i have the right to use for this?



mpg papers are the simplest to join. You can actually copy them together. In Windows you use

copy/b file1.mpg+file2.mpg+file3.mpg newfile.mpgIn Linux, I usage cat:

cat file1.mpg file2.mpg file3.mpg >> newfile.mpg



Recent versions of ffmpeg deserve to do this using its concat demuxer, which have to be more trustworthy than utilizing cat or copy. First, develop a document referred to as inputs.txt, containing

file /path/to/input1.mpgfile /path/to/input2.mpgfile /path/to/input3.mpgThen usage the complying with ffmpeg command:

ffmpeg -f concat -i inputs.txt -c copy output.mpgSee below for more indevelopment.


For Linux Avidemux is quite good:

For Windows tbelow is

There are also even more low level tools that work-related straight on the MPEG stream such as:

Those could be great for lossless cutting, yet give much less freedom.

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How around Windows Movie Maker or Windows Live Movie Maker? (relying on your variation of home windows, which it appears you are using by your various other questions).

I have actually offered copy/b & that joins the records OK but it does somepoint to the header that messes through the moment code. But then I ran the whole file via XMedia Recode making use of just video copy (not convert) & audio copy through the same expansion & that seemed to straighten it out:

If you sindicate copy them together using the command also line as argued over, the duration will certainly not be reported properly in your media player, yet it still may job-related. Don"t trust the duration reported by your player - inspect manually.

When ripping and combining videos from DVD, If I rip without re-encoding, I get mpg documents which I have the right to combine via the copy command also, and then even though VLC does not report the duration correctly, Handbrake "sees" the correct duration, and the final re-encoded mp4 records play properly and screen the correct duration.

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