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You add a contact (let"s refer to them as "Human being A") to your iPhone and also add two separate numbers for them - one enattempt labeled "Home", and the other as "Work"

You open, and also create a new message to Human being A"s Home phone number - this creates a brand-new message thread, bereason up until this point you hadn"t ever before messaged them previously

Human being A then replies to your message, however using the number that you have actually labeled as "Work"

Whenever before the above scenario was encountered, I can recall that in older builds of iOS that two message threads would certainly have actually been created - one for each number (in this instance, Home and also Work). Now, however, iOS appears to incorporate the conversations from both numbers right into a single message threview because it recognises that despite being separate physical phone numbers, the contact is still the exact same perboy.

So - my question. Would somebody have the ability to clarify which version of iOS presented the new behaviour defined above?

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asked Jan 24 "20 at 21:12

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The merging of message-threads via the exact same contact was introduced in iOS 12. But didn’t officially announce it, what caused many confusion, because sometimes it additionally merged various contacts: Forbes: iOS 12 Has An Embarrassing Problem

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answered Jan 24 "20 at 21:23

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