Memory management error windows 8.1

The Memory Management error is one of the non-certain BSOD errors. And as dangerous as it sounds, it can simply be a loosened cable. So today we are going to look right into this error and find ourselves a solution.

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In this article, I have shared 5 various methods to fix Memory Management Error in Windows 10, 8, 7.


What is Memory Management Soptimal Code Error?

As the name sounds, Memory Management is a Windows procedure that manages eincredibly little bit of memory on your computer. From anypoint you develop to every little thing you delete, it keeps the document for whatever. Even the memory presently offered by your RAM is regulated by Memory Management. And if anypoint goes wrong with that, intend a BSOD.

Imagine your memory being jumbled up or shedding track of anypoint you did, That’s exactly how messed up it is. But what precisely causes the Memory Management error.

Long story short, the Memory Management error is a BSOD. And a BSOD is led to by 5 fundamental reasons.

Corrupted Windows FilesMalfunctioning DriversVirus InfectionFaulty MemoryDisk Errors

How to Fix Memory Management Error?

The Memory Management error covers a broad selection of problem, so landing a certain solution won’t help at all. To resolve this trouble, you will certainly have to go via all of them. But problem not as it is not a tedious procedure and you will certainly be done in a couple of minutes.

Note- Make sure that tright here are no exterior devices associated to your COMPUTER, other than your Keyboard and also Mousage. You will likewise require a solid internet connection.

1. Check Hardware


Let us start with the basics. Due to the fact that it is a Memory worry, begin by physically checking your memory tools. These incorporate your RAM and your HDD or SSDs. Make sure that they are associated effectively and Windows is scanning all of them. You can likewise re-install them simply to be on the safe side.

In case you own a lappeak, leave this procedure for the finish.

2. Upday Driver

As I mentioned prior to, this error is also caused due to malfunctioning Windows/Video Drivers. So our ideal bet is to update both of them. This will certainly immediately solve any corrupt or malfunctioning file or driver.

Windows Drivers

To upday your Windows,

Go to search menu by pushing the Windows vital inputting “Windows Update” in the search food selection. You can additionally accessibility it from Setting-> Change PC Setting-> Update and Recoextremely in Windows 8.1.


Click on Check for Updates, to inspect for available updays.


Now click on Install to downfill Updays.


Once the download is finish, rebegin your PC to install updates.Video Drivers

The Windows upday is currently complete. So the just cause continuing to be is to upday your Video card motorists. Typically, these papers are updated as you update your Windows however, it is better to cross-inspect. To update your Drivers,

Open Start and also type in “Device Manager” in the search menu. You deserve to likewise accessibility the device manager with Control panel.


Now, go to Display adapters and double click on it to extfinish.


Righ-click on your Graphics Card driver and click on Update. You have the right to also uninstall and reinstall your Video vehicle drivers.


Once, you are done via the procedure, restart your computer system.

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3. Use Windows Repair Tool

The error codes in BSOD are supposed in a given scenario. In straightforward terms, these errors are already anticipated by Microsoft. So in order to tackle this scenario, Windows sell several in-developed tools.

In situation of any memory or Windows papers related worry, you have the right to constantly count on Check Disk and System Documents Checker.

Check Disk

The Check Disk or chkdsk /f is a tool designed to uncover any file device error or negative sector on your difficult drive. This tool will discover and also locate this difficulty. It not only narrows down your search but also helps you proccasion any type of upcoming errors.

To usage this tool,

First, close all tabs and rebegin your PC.Then Start by opening, Command Prompt as admin by pushing Windows+X.


Now kind in ” chkdsk /f ” and press Go into to begin the shave the right to.


Let the COMPUTER complete its sdeserve to and then continue through the next one.System File Checker

The System File Checker (sfc/scannow) is another handy tool in Widows Arsenal. As the name argues, this tool is designed to sdeserve to eincredibly defended system file and also discover the corrupted ones. After locating such system files the SFC tool instantly reareas it via an original copy of that file situated in system 32.

To usage sfc/scannow, ssuggest type ” sfc/scannow “ in cmd and also push enter.


4. Memory Diagnostics Tool

In order to inspect your RAM, Windows offers a pre-mounted tool referred to as Windows Memory Diagnostics Tool. This tool basically scans your RAM and also educates you in situation any type of error is spotted. To access the Memory diagnostics tool, first-

Go to Control Panel and also search Memory.


Then click Administrative tool to begin the diagnostic.


This tool calls for you to rebegin your COMPUTER. So, you can now either rebegin the computer and also examine the problem or schedule it for later on. In situation you obtain any kind of error you deserve to expect a RAM issue.

Run a complete device scan

BSOD are resulted in due to many kind of factors, Infected Windows documents are among them. And tbelow is an excellent possibility that running a full mechanism sdeserve to will certainly assist us fix it.

For that, you deserve to use Windows Defender. Here is how-

 Open Start and also search for Windows defender.


 It is recommfinished to update your Windows Defender prior to scanning your PC. So, go to the Update and also click Upday Definition.


 Once, your defender is up to date. Go earlier to Sdeserve to and select Full under shave the right to options. Then, click Sdeserve to now to shave the right to your COMPUTER.


The scanning procedure takes a good amount of time. So, let your COMPUTER carry out its project and also relax. After the scan is complete, take all the crucial actions compelled.

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The Bottom Line

The Memory Management error is a Windows error concerned your Memory. It could be fatal in a scenario where you have some really vital data on your tough drive. But most of the moment its simply software application failures. In any kind of case, you can’t predict these worries so constantly have actually a backup drive and produce several restore points.