Lana Del Rey fans have actually been waiting (and waiting) for her to complete her forthcoming album, Ultraviolence. But fans may have actually been looking in the wrong place: “If you wanna be my bit baby you have the right to meet in the pale moonlight,” she sings on a track that surfaced this week. Take a listen to the aptly-named “Meet Me In the Pale Moonlight” below before heading off to the closest patch of moonlight to wait for Ms. Del Rey.

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The track is as upbeat a number as we’ve heard from the singer, a disco-inflected track with funky guitar melodies set to a thudding drum beat and a melodramatic swirl of strings underneath Del Rey’s husky voice.

The song is an unmost likely follow-up for the “Born to Die” and also “Young and Beautiful” singer, and also as intriguing as “Meet Me In The Pale Moonlight” is, the track will reportedly not be contained on her forthcoming album, as Del Rey described on Twitter yesterday:

prefixmag composed that for someone else 4 years ago …… New single is called West Coast

— Lana Del Rey (
LanaDelRey) April 3, 2014

While fans wait for “West Coast,” listen to the old track below.

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