I've unexpectedly noticed a huge trfinish of civilization doing a dance from the music video of ME!ME!ME! and also calling it the "anime girl dance". Most people that I've talked to about it don't also recognize ME!ME!ME!, just the dance.

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How/that acquired this trfinish started?


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Answer: I think it was a mix of tiktok and this video?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tZGpRd-t7jg. Some civilization were sharing the video of zero 2 dancing on twitter as well. I think an excellent amount of world were off-put by the dancing

Answer: The music video was produced by Japanese creators TeddyLoid and Daoko and also premiered at the Anime Expo method back in 2014 under the entries for "Up and also Coming creators".

It was then picked up and came to be viral on the internet; most likely because of anime, wtf variable, and a kghrjphillion theories to what it implies.

Well, I know that much. But what you said uses to once it came out.

What I desire to know is what carried it earlier.

Woah tbelow. Felling a little hateful bud? That felt a kindan individual, drawing from individual endure for your angry comments?

The totality song, lyrics and visuals had. Is expected to be a critique of the over sexualization of young woguys in modern media. In the lyrics itself the singer even talks about a man making an "idol" out of her to be acted upon.

Daoko has always been pretty vocal in her songs about feminism from a Japanese perspective. MeMeMe!, Girl, and numerous various other songs by her talk around problems such as Enjou Kousai in japan which is a serious concern which presumably, she seems to be a victim of.

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It's in no method supposed to be some jerk bait and honestly girls dancing to it on TikTok is pretty ironic to what it is around.