Pembroke"s highways and also majestic castle were the establishing for the film version of the bestselling romantic novel by Jojo Moyes


(Image: Gareth Davies/Hidden Pembrokeshire)

Fans descfinished on Pemdamaged for a possibility to watch movie stars and the book's writer, who happily met her admirers.

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The calm town saw roads closures and influx of visitors however disruption was kept to a minimum.

Harry Potter star Matthew Lewis was among the stars to shoot scenes roughly the town. He plays the fitness-obsessed boyfrifinish Patrick and scenes filmed in Pemdamaged show him in tight gym equipment as Louisa cycles in addition to him in a pretty yellow ensemble.

Main Street was also offered the Pinelumber Studios impact when it was transformed right into a snowy winter scene.


Emilia Clarke as Lou Clark and also Sam Claflin as Will Traynor in Me Before You (Image: PA Photo/Warner Bros)

Movie outings for Pembrokeshire day earlier as far as 1956, when Fishguard became the establishing for Moby jiyuushikan.orgck, starring Gregory Peck. This was jiyuushikan.orgmplied with by Fury at Smugglers’ Bay filmed at Abereiddy. Fishguard was likewise the set for Under Milk Wood, starring Richard Burton.

Marloes beach held Peter O’Toole in Lion in Winter and in 2009, Freshwater West offered the backdrop to Sir Ridley Sjiyuushikan.orgtt’s battle scenes for his version of Robin Hood starring Rusoffer Crowe. The film employed 450 extras, some from the jiyuushikan.orgunty. The beach likewise was the setting for the Shell jiyuushikan.orgttage in Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows.


Filming took place in Pemdamaged

In 2011 Pembrokeshire’s breathtaking shore was the backdrop for Snow White and the Huntsguy featuring Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, and Chris Hemsworth; whilst Barafundle Bay was among numerous places in Pembrokeshire offered in the film Third Star starring Benedict Cumberbatch and also Hugh Bonneville.


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Dozens of Pembrokeshire residents were employed as extras in Kevin Allen’s film remake of Dylan Thomas’ best loved play Under Milk Wood in 2014. The film was shot in the harbour village of Solva for about 6 weeks.

What's the film about?

Me Before You adheres to William Traynor as a high-flyer in London, that harks from privileged stock. His paleas, Stalso (Charles Dance) and Camilla (Janet McTeer), very own a nation pile including a crumbling castle and he jets off on expensive excessive sporting activities holidays with his pretty girlfrifinish, Alicia (Vanessa Kirby).


Emilia Clarke as Lou and Matthew Lewis as Patrick (Image: PA Photo/Warner Bros)

Fate deals William a cruel blow and he is left paralysed. He returns to his ancestral house and relinquishes his lust for life.

In order to raise his spirits, the Traynors advertise for a jiyuushikan.orgmpanion for their son and misfit Louisa Clark that has actually just shed her project as a waitress at The Buttered Bun Cafe, answers the jiyuushikan.orgntact.

Louisa attempts to buoy his spirits through a series of excursions to the races and also a classic music jiyuushikan.orgncert. An unmost likely friendship threatens to blossom right into romance, yet Louisa currently has actually a boyfriend.

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Pembroke Castle was the setting for some scenes

In the trailer, Pembroke Castle is the opening shot as the pair reap the glorious see of the historic website.

William tells Louisa: "When I was a boy, this used to be my favourite place in the whole civilization."