About this game collection: This is a collection I"ve amassed over the years. I believed I"d share it because there"s so many kind of good older games from AIF and also TADS being uploaded. Why not aid this site gain a digital library?Hey- if you desire to add anypoint, go ahead and also tell me and also I"ll add your link to this list through my many thanks.All require RAGS to run - Try the 2.4.16 Player initially.

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I"ve listed which games must be run with the 3.0.59 Player.​Updated: April 2018Genre: Mostly vanilla sex, striptease, and also mind controlCensorship: NoneVersion: Most are completed, many are abandoned, and also some are ongoingPlatform: COMPUTER / WindowsLanguage: English. A few are interpreted from French, Germale, and/or Spanish.Instructions. You need to be registered to view the linksBeach Angels Wet v06Beth Release 2.2Bite Night Demo v.01Blanked 1.2Bodywerks 1.21Blood Wars 2.23City of Braineaters (Regular and also No Music versions)Dangerous Assets - Part 1 v1.1Dangerous Assets - Part 2 v1.1Dark of the Night ResurrectedDarmoth Manor Standard Version Final (Demo version)DemonTown From Lethe 1.1Escape 1.0Etranz v1.0.0Foregime College MC Update 1.15Grandmother"s Housage v 1.00House of Dreams Revision 2Hunter in the Babsence v1.2. You need to be registered to watch the linksfor any kind of RAGS "unreadable" errors or any kind of problems relating to the RAGS player​Notes for Unfaithful.

I recommend making use of RAGS 3.0.59 to run this for currently. It is a little buggy and also there is a solution. It"s made on a computer system based in France via different decimal settings and this affects the way the game works so altering decimal points eliminates a lot of of the bugs. Change this by going to Control Panel, Region and also Language, and click the Cutting edge Setups on the Layout tab.

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Rags Games Download

Change the decimal symbol to "," and restart RAGS.Don"t forgain to adjust it back when you"re done. I"d strongly recommend you"d start via the other RAGS games posted here. They"re Wife Trainer, Mindchange, and also Evil, Incorporated.The contenders on this list (in my opinion) are Unfaithful, The Lilith Device (suicidegirls models), Tales of the Drunken Cowboy, The Overseer, Xtracurricular activities, Me Against the World, Thstormy Hard-Earned Trust, Dangerous Assets Series, Blood Wars, Blanked, Bodywerks, Overseer, Rough Landing Series, Miss Adendeavor, Nefarius Evil Plot, A Time Long Ago, The Apartments, and Superpowered.If you"re a fan of anime, there"s a series absent from my arsenal referred to as the Touhous Trilogy. The just game on the list that is close is "Me against the World". I shed them bereason I didn"t make numerous backups and it went through my old tough drive.

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