“Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t” is the fourth track on The Young Veins‘ deyet album, Take a Vacation!, and one of the only songs sung by Jon Walker.With its strong bassline and… Read More 

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Maybe I will certainly, probably I won'tI don't desire to discover my homeJust wondered what occurred to itMy hands are cotton stonesWho stole all my bones?All my foracquired poemsAre a jokeWhat do I understand, baby wood rose?Doesn't it show? People gain old when they're aloneMaybe I will, maybe I won'tSeven days over the seashellsSunk so many leagues, willYou come visit me?Finally finding sleepWe'll swim roughly in dreams
Stay afloatMaybe we will, probably we won'tDoesn't it show? People get old as soon as they're aloneMaybe I will, probably I won'tMaybe I will, perhaps I won'tThe weather is impeccableRiding to a festivalWhen unexpectedly, it's greyDo not be afraidFor the wind, it doesn't stayIt blows and also goes awayIt blows and also goesBut never before mirrors it's faceDoesn't it show? People get old once they're aloneWhat perform I know? Maybe I will, probably I won'tMaybe I will certainly, perhaps I won't (Maybe I will, maybe I won't)Maybe I will, maybe I won't (Maybe I will, possibly I won't)Maybe I will certainly, perhaps I won't
“Maybe I Will, Maybe I Won’t” is the fourth track on The Young Veins‘ deyet album, Take a Vacation!, and also one of the just songs sung by Jon Walker.

With its solid bassline and also backing vocals, this song is a straightforward one to dance to, and carries the very same retro vibe as the rest of the album. The lyrics are filled through rich and also somewhat vague imagery, typical of the band also, making it a relatively challenging song to analyze, as the totality thing might be viewed as (and also many likely is) one lengthy, extfinished metaphor.


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