George Lucas constructed a multibillion-dollar branding empire through his universe of charismatic personalities and also battling galactic pressures. Today, we celebprice Star Wars in to pay tribute to this glorious cinematographic development. As you might recognize, May fourth has actually become an main holiday for Star Wars fans given that it’s a memorable pun on the wildly popular catchphrase “May the force be with you.”

Let’s discover one more side of the highest-grossing series in the background of cinema: Star Wars in!

Star Wars Vocabulary in

The iconic numbers of Star Wars incorporate larger-than-life characters, lightning-fast starships, and other high-tech tools of the galactic era. Let’s take a look at a list of Star Wars vocabulary in to see exactly how our favorite terms from the movie translate!

lightsaberel sable de luzsah-blay day loos
droidel androidean-droy-day
storm trooperslas tropas de la tormentatroh-pahs day la tor-mane-tah
Millenium FalconHalcón Milenarioal-kohn meel-ay-nah-ree-oh
the forcela fuerzafware-sah
Jedi knightel caballero jediKah-bah-yeh-roh djeh-dai
bounty hunterel cazador de recompensasKah-sah-dor day ray-kome-pen-sahs
planetary systemel sistema planetarioSee-stay-mah plah-nay-tah-ryoh
hyperspaceel hiperespacioee-pair-ay-spah-syoh
The Empireel Imperioeem-pay-ryoh
Sith Lordel señor sithsen-yor seet
cloneslos clonesklohn-ays
pod racela carrera de naveskahr-ray-rah day nah-vase
Death Starla Estrella de la muertees-tray-ah day lah mwer-tay
Star Destroyerel Destructor estelarday-strook-tor eh-stay-lar
The Alliancela alianzaah-lyan-sah
Intergalactic Senateel Senado intergalácticosay-nah-perform en-ter-ga-lak-tee-koh
Padawan / Jedi Apprenticeel padawan / el aprendiz jedipah-dah-wan / ah-pren-dees djeh-dai
Sand Peopleel pueblo de la arenapway-bloh day lah ah-ray-nah

Star Wars in According to Fundéu BBVA

In late 2019, la Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu BBVA, additionally the Foundation of Urgent in English) made official notes on exactly how to comment on Star Wars in As an affiliate of the Real Academia Española (RAE), Fundéu BBVA is a known authority in upholding particular standards for the language. So, what do they say? If you find yourself trying to talk or create about Star Wars in, store the complying with details in mind:


Write the title in reduced situation, except the first word:La guerra de las galaxias

Discuss Star Wars utilizing brand-new words that have actually been included to the language because of the films: secuela (sequel) and also precuela (prequel)

Words episodio (episode) should be written in lowercase once it’s not being offered within the title, for example:La guerra de las galaxias: Episodio II (uppersituation in the title)Me gustó más episodio VI de todos. (lowercase in discussion around the episode)

Creatures and also ethnic groups add just an -s in plural, defying the typical preeminence that plurals finishing through a consonant add an -es. For example:el ewok – los ewoks (not los ewokes)el kaadu – los kaadus

The word láser is composed through a tilde.

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El láser deserve to refer to both swords and also lightsabers.

Friki is better than friqui

In referral to Star Wars fanatics, the word friki (interpretation “geek”) is often provided. The spelling with “k” is preferred to friqui. Star Wars Titles

Many type of novice Star Wars fans want to recognize in which order are you expected to watch Las guerras de las galaxias? Here’s the list of Star Wars movies and also their titles in the order they are intended to be watched!

Star Wars: Episodio IV – Una nueva esperanza (1978)Star Wars: Episodio V – El imperio contraataca (1980)Star Wars: Episodio VI – El retorno del jedi (1983)Star Wars: Episodio I – La amenaza fantasma (1999)Star Wars: Episodio II – El ataque de los clones (2002)Star Wars: Episodio III – La venganza de los sith (2005)La guerra de los clones (2008)Star Wars: Episodio VII – El despertar de la Fuerza (2015)Rogue One: una historia de Star Wars (2016)Star Wars: Episodio VIII – Los últimos jedi (2017)Han Solo: una historia de Star Wars (2018)Star Wars: Episodio IX – El ascenso de Skywalker (2019)

Popular Star Wars Quotes

Part of what renders the Star Wars series so famous are the quotes that stick with us long after the movies finish. Here are some of the a lot of popular quotes in and also English. Enjoy!

Que la Fuerza te acompañe.May the Force be through you.

El miedo es el camino hacia el Lacarry out Oscuro. El miedo lleva a la ira, la ira lleva al odio, el odio lleva al sufrimiento. Percibo mucho mieexecute en ti. —Yoda a AnakinFear is the route to the Dark Side. Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, and hate leads to suffering. I check out much are afraid in you.

El apego está prohibiperform, la posesión está prohibida, la compasión, por contra, que para mí no sería sino el amor incondicional es primordial en la vida de un Jedi. Así que podría decirse que se nos alienta a amar. —Anakin SkywalkerAttachment is forbidden. Possession is forbidden. Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is essential to a Jedi’s life. So, you might say that we are urged to love.

Los mentores suelen ver nuestros errores más de lo que desearíamos. Así es como se madura. —Padmé AmidalaMentors frequently view our mistakes more than we would certainly choose. This is exactly how we mature.

Paciencia, utiliza la Fuerza. Piensa. —Obi-Wan KenobiPatience, use the Force. Think.

Sin duda, maravillosa la mente de un niño es. —Maestro YodaTruly wonderful, the mind of a boy is.

El Lacarry out Oscuro de la Fuerza es un camino que puede aportar facultades y dones que muchos no dudan en califiauto de antinaturales. —Canciller PalpatineThe Dark Side of the Force is a pathmethod to many type of abilities some think about to be unnatural.

La muerte una parte natural de la vida es. Regocíjate por los que te rodean y en la Fuerza se transforman. Llorarlos no debes, añorarlos tampoco. El apego a los celos conduce, la negra sombra de la codicia es. —Maestro YodaDeath is a organic part of life. Rejoice for those approximately you who transform right into the Force. Mourn them perform not. Miss them do not. Attachment leads to jealousy. The shadow of greed, that is.

Si no estás conmigo ¡Eres mi enemigo! —Anakin SkywalkerIf you’re not via me, then you’re my enemy!

La Fuerza es lo que le da al Jedi su poder. Es un campo de energía creaperform por todas las cosas vivientes. Nos rodea, nos penetra, y mantiene unida la Galaxia. —Obi-Wan KenobiThe Force is what offers a Jedi his power. It’s an energy field created by all living points. It surrounds us and penetrates us. It binds the galaxy together.

Me he recorriexecute esta galaxia de un extremo a otro. He visto cosas muy raras, pero nunca nada que me hiciera creer que haya una única fuerza todopoderosa que lo controla todo. Ningún campo de energía mística controla mi destino. —Han SoloKid, I’ve flown from one side of this galaxy to the various other. I’ve seen most stselection stuff, yet I’ve never before viewed anything to make me think there’s one all-effective force controlling everything. There’s no mystical energy field that controls my destiny.

El amo Luke estará bien… para tratarse de un ser humano, es bastante ingenioso. —C-3POMaster Luke will be fine… for a human being, he is quite resourceful.

La Fuerza está contigo joven Skywalker, pero todavía no eres un Jedi. —Darth VaderThe Force is via you young Skywalker, however you are not yet a Jedi.

Únete a mí y juntos dominaremos la Galaxia como padre e hijo. —Darth VaderJoin me and together we will certainly conquer the Galaxy as father and also child.

Luke, yo soy tu padre. —Darth VaderLuke, I am your father.

Nunca. Nunca me convertiré al Lacarry out Oscuro. Ha fallado, su alteza. Soy un Jedi, como mi padre antes de mí.

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—Luke SkywalkerNever. I will certainly never transform to the Dark Side. You have actually failed, Your Highness. I am a Jedi, like my father prior to me.

Chewie, ¡estamos en casa! —Han SoloChewie, we’re home!

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