I have actually a BS in CS and also am a software application engineer. I am considering a Master's in CS because I reap discovering, my employer will certainly pay for it, and also I reap experiencing I guess. But, I don't recognize if it's worth pursuing without a strong direction/factor for doing so. I carry out not believe they will certainly give me a raise for it, or just slightly. I issue it has much less worth to employers than a BS. I am trying to find opinions and thoughts and advice.

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Tright here are a couple of angles to take into consideration right here.

If we look at the time invested gaining a constant MS (2 years) + the raised initial compensation for having actually an MS vs the compensation and also career progress made by only having actually a BS, it tends to come out that your time is better spent just maintaining the BS and also functioning hard to obtain raises the first couple of years. This is what most human being are talking around when they say things like "an MS isn't worth it."

Also take into consideration that an MS normally has to be phelp by the student, as opposed to a PhD which must administer funding.

But there's more than that. Will you learn skills you wouldn't have actually otherwise learned? Yes (hopefully). But will those abilities boost your capability to carry out your job? Ehhh. An MS isn't specialized enough to give you any deep, specific skills that you'd need for anypoint in certain. It's sort of simply a method to slightly deepen the understanding from your BS. You'll learn even more progressed means of making algorithms, or more intricacies of the computer system architecture models, or probably take some classes obtaining a little little bit of specialization in a room you're interested in (organic language handling, robotics, programming languperiods, etc). But any type of job wbelow specialization is advantageous would certainly advantage more from a PhD than an MS, and also any type of specialized project that benefits only from an MS-level education could also be reached with a BS education and also some dedicated self-research in the specific topic.

So then you're left asking: well, under what circumstances is an MS worthwhile?

If it's shorter in duration, such as the 1-year MS you deserve to obtain from an unified BS/MS routine.

If it's complimentary. If your job-related is going to pay for it or if you have actually a scholarship or deserve to secure research study or TA funding, then there's not as much of a loss.

If you simply really really love taking CS classes. (I'm significant.) There's somepoint to be shelp for chasing understanding for knowledge's sake. It's not everybody's cup of tea, however if it tickles your elaborate then I say go for it!

If you're from abroad and also desire to break right into the Amerideserve to technology sector. My understanding is that, as a foreigner with an MS, it's a lot less complicated to get a job here, though I don't know all the details.

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You desire to do some research study so you deserve to use to PhD programs that are hard to obtain right into.

I can't make your decision for you, of course. But this is what I've been able to figure from civilization who've talked around it and also from my very own reading and also such. Personally, I don't think in over-optimizing money revenue. I worth education a lot, so naturally I went for an MS once I had the possibility. That's not the right contact for everyone, however it worked out for me!