Make skype close when i click x

I noticed that cshedding Skype by clicking "x" currently closes the routine and also it ceases to run in the background entirely. I recontact prior to the upday, closing skype by clicking "x" closes the window but it continues to run in the background and I could still get notifications.

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Is this a brand-new adjust from the prior version? Am running Windows 10 Pro 1703.


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Hello LeonardGY,

Welpertained to Skype Community forum.

Please clarify, is thehappening withSkype for Windows 10, the pre-set up Skype? If yes, Skype application have to still be running in the background even if you click "x" switch. Same should happen when utilizing the classical version (or the downloadable app).

If you do not want to receive notifications from Skype, please make certain to log out properly on the application every time.

Let me recognize if you need even more assist by replying to this threview.



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In the newer variation of Skype, the menu has exceptionally limited options...

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But you"re best, Skype is still visible in the Task Manager --> Processes also though I"d choose to check out it in the Task bar by the Clock.

This is among the UX nightmare of Skype App for Windows 10.

If I can"t find the application either in the system tray or taskbar then I perform not treatment if Skype app is still running.

This is optimal priority bug which must be resolved bereason this application is default on latestversions on Windows 10.

You have shed this extremely usefullattribute while transitioning to new Skype UI and appears on no one bothered.

Windows 10 Apps in general (not just the Skype App) are not designed/intfinished to make use of the taskbar or system tray of the desktop computer. Making it feasible calls for the use of a separate desktop computer application which detasks the purpose of the self-consisted of UWP App. If you call for somepoint in the system tray I indicate you either revert to the classic variation (7.x) or pressure install the8.x desktop variation in Windows 8 compatibility mode. Because these are both desktop applications, they will certainly remain resident in the device tray or taskbar.

The difficulty via what you are saying is that the desktop/timeless version is being disongoing and also I was forced to downpack and use the app as soon as it doesn"t have the features I need and have actually been supplied to.

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When I am using Skype as a chat and calls app, I suppose to have the ability to see my notifications as soon as I gain a chat, this is gone through the adjust that you did.

You have the right to make use of the latest version of Skype 8.x on Windows 10. It might not currently have all the functions you are looking for yet since it is a desktop application, it was designed to have actually the choice for a system tray symbol. Because the Windows 10 App is founding to look and also behave actually prefer Skype 8.x, hopefully many type of attributes will certainly be alligned in the futre. Though outside the scope of UWP, it is still technically feasible to package an extenstion to create a mechanism tray symbol for the Skype for Windows 10 App. I have actually no idea if they have any plans to add an exterior expansion to especially acoomoday Deskpeak configurations. If they execute not,Skype 8.x have to continue to be a working solution.