Make picture background transparent in word

How execute you change the background of a picture to transparent in word 2013? I have actually tried using the rerelocate background switch under the photo format tool however that did not work-related. i likewise tried several various other alternatives in the photo format toolbar and also i was unsuccessful.

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The office "rerelocate background" tool is only great if the background is a very huge contrast to the object. Is it feasible to remake the photo via a different background?

Otherwise you may want to look right into 3rd party software program prefer Photoshop or Gimp. Gimp is the totally free alternative by the means. If these options don"t seem to job-related for you then can you uppack the picture for us to see?


The ideal method is to convert it to a GIF and also make the background transparent. Depfinishing on the image, this can be really easy or really hard. For a complimentary webapp that I"ve uncovered handy in the past for this type of thing, try


Increase the zoom percent so that you deserve to see the graphic. Tap or click the shade button (picture tools format tab< readjust group) to display screen shade gallery.Tap or click "collection transparent color" in the shade gallery to display a pen reminder in the home window. Tap or click the location in the graphic wbelow you want to make the shade transparent. -- If you make the wrong color transparent -- tap or click the uncarry out switch or press CTRL+Z and also repeat these procedures.

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