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 “For also the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, yet to minister, and to offer his life a ransom for many” (Mk. 10:45)

INTRO.: A song which asks the Lord to assist us to be prefer Him in ministering to others is “Servant Song” or “Servant’s Track.” The original text was created and also the original tune was created both by Jimmy Owens (b. 1930) and also Carol Owens (b. 1931). Typically recognized as “Jimmy and Carol Owens,” they are a husband and wife songcreating and author team that are pioneers of Conshort-lived Christian Music. Jimmy and also Carol have been married since 1954. Their youngsters are Jamie Owens Collins, a renowned recording artist, songwriter, and speaker, and also Buddy Owens, an writer and a teacher at Saddleago Church in Lake Foremainder, CA. Another song by Jimmy is “Holy, Divine,” and another by Carol is “Freely, Freely,” both from 1972. Best known for the children’s album Ants’hillvania, which was nominated for Best Album for Children in the Grammy Awards of 1981, Jimmy and also Carol obtained the Christian Artists’ Music Achievement Award in 1986. They serve through the work of School of Music Ministries International, which they started in 1991. Jimmy was inducted into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame in 2001. Their God Songs: How to Write and Select Songs for Worship, co-authored by Paul Baloche, was offered the WorshipMusic.com Book of the Year Award in 2005.

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Lord, make me prefer You ,

Please make me like You.

You are a servant ,

Make me one as well.

O Lord, I am willing

Do what You should do

To make me like You, Lord,

Just make me prefer You,

Whatever before You carry out.

This was evidently transformed later on to a three stanza version:

Make me a servant, Lord, make me favor You,

For You are a servant, make me one, also.

Make me a servant, carry out what You need to do

To make me a servant, make me favor You.

To love my brother, to serve favor You do.

I humble my spirit, I bow before You.

And through my organization, I’ll be simply prefer You.

So make me a servant, make me like You.

Open my hands, Lord, and also teach me to share;

Open my heart, Lord, and teach me to care.

For business to others is company to You.

Make me a servant, make me like You.

Around 2000, throughout a collection of lessons on servanthood presented at the Spring Creek Church of Christ in Plano, TX, a member of the congregation remembered hearing a song referred to as “Make Me a Servant” that his mommy had actually sung to him in his youth however that he had never before watched in a hymnbook. Without their understanding the true beginning of the song, the lyrics of the single stanza were reoperated by the neighborhood preacher, Tim Jennings, that was born on August 19, 1967, in Las Cruces, New Mexico. After graduating from Las Cruces High School in 1985, he attfinished Florida College in Temple Terrace, Florida, graduating in 1987; New Mexico State College in Las Cruces, New Mexico, graduating in 1990; and Texas Tech College in Lubbock, Texas, graduating in 1993. On May 28, 1993, he married; his wife’s name is Jennifer, and they have 3 youngsters, sons Jack and also Parker, and daughter Kayla. Becoming a gospel preacher, Tim has actually operated through the Spring Creek church from June, 1996, to the existing. The music was arranged by among the elders, Richard Morrison (b. 1945). Morrikid felt that the template merited fuller treatment, so he sought aid from Matthew Bassford, who had been a member of Spring Creek in his high college years and also was later on the local preacher through the church of Christ in Joliet, IL, who quickly provided two more stanzas. This variation of the song has appeared in the 2007 Hymns for Worship Supplement edited by R. J. Stevens et. al., where the tune is listed as “Traditional”; and the 2007 Sumphonia Hymnal Supplement and also the 2012 Psalms, Hymns, and also Spiritual Songs both edited by Steve Wolfgang et. al. Other versions of the song have appeared, one having actually the Owenses’ single initially stanza labeled “Traditional” through music arranged in 1995 by Darrell Bledsoe in the 2010 Worship Hymnal, and one more with that stanza and two extra stanzas created in 2009 by Jack Boyd in the 2010 Songs for Worship and also Praise, both edited by Robert J. Taylor.

The song points out the prominence of being a servant prefer Christ.

Stanza 1 tells who our example of being a servant is

Make me a servant, just favor Your Son.

For He was a servant, Please make me one.

Make me a servant, do what You should do

To make me a servant, Make me prefer You.

The Scriptures teaches the importance of being a servant:: Matt. 10:24Jesus Christ became a servant and hence is our example: 1 Pet. 2:21In being servants, we are finding out to be holy as God is holy: 1 Pet. 1:14-16

II. Stanza 2 tells us how to come to be a servant

Make me a servant, take all my pride,

For I would certainly be lowly, humble inside.

Giving to others through all that I do

In love for my brother, Make me like You.

We should get rid of pride: Prov. 16:18Instead, we have to strive to be lowly and also humble: 1 Pet. 5:5-6And we need to love one another: Jn. 13:34-35

III. Stanza 3 tells us the outcomes of being a servant

Make me a servant, filled by Your can,

And might all my labors shine via Your light.

Sjust how me Your footsteps and what I should do;

For currently and also forever before, Make me like You.

Those who are willing to be servants will be strengthened by God’s might: Eph. 3:16They will additionally shine as lights in the world: Phil. 3:15And they will certainly dwell through the Lord both now and also forever: Ps. 23:6

CONCL.: The added stanzas by Jack Boyd are as follows:

Take me and also mold me, and make me choose You;

For You are a servant, make me one also.

Light me the pathmeans that leads on to You.

Please make me a servant; make me favor You.

Watch me and also guide me, and make me prefer You;

For You are a servant, make me one too.

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This is the prayer that I sfinish up to You:

Please make me a servant; make me like You.

In doing research, I have actually found two various other similar songs in the Conshort-lived Christian Music collection, one start “Make me a servant, humble and meek” from 1982 by Kelly Willard (b. 1956), and also one more beginning “Make me a servant choose You, dear Lord” (“Servant’s Heart”) from 1987 by Ron Hamilton (b. 1950). The Owenses’ original song was addressed to Jesus, “Make me a servant, Lord, make me like You.” Jennings adjusted the object of the request from Jesus to the Father, “Make me a servant, simply like Your Son,” because of some disagreement in the congregation around whether it is scriptural to sing songs addressed directly to Jesus. If we want to be prefer Jesus, we need to follow the instructions of the “Servant Track.”