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I have actually a user that supplies both Mac and also COMPUTER and has a couple USB difficult drive formatted in Mac format. Wondering if I can uncover a totally free alternate to MacDrive or if we"ll should pay for it.

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mjrider sassist in his answer. Tright here is a driver that will enable you to usage NTFS (Windows mostly provides this filesystem) fileunits on a Mac. Here is the link to the information that I found. Here is a connect to the chauffeurs that you have the right to downpack to gain the usability you require.

If you install that driver and have an outside HDD that you have supplied on a Windows OS, you have the right to revolve around and currently usage it on the Mac now that the driver has been set up and tright here will certainly be no issue via analysis or composing to the hard drive.


HFSExplorer is an application that will certainly let you review HFS+ partitions and also dmg files

it functions really well!



I have asked this very same question to many various customers. and my general response is format your usb drive as either fat or exfat depending on if you need linux assistance (exfat does not occupational out of the box on MOST linux version, yet fat does)

It looks prefer tbelow are readonly HFS+ Windows vehicle drivers in Bootcamp. I"m not certain exactly how you"d acquire them over to a generic (non-Bootcamp) Windows install.

If you absolutely need free, I"d indicate not worrying around mounting and just put the Mac on a network-related and also export the drive(s) as file share(s) (via samba underneath). You also get compose access to it. You can additionally export as WebDav but samba will certainly be less complicated.

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If this is also a lot of a pain, then you have two selections, pay in money for MacDrive, or pay in time to copy the drive off, reformat as Fat32 or some other file system mountable on both Windows and Mac, and copy ago to the drive. You would also shed some metadata (file storage days, all the various other stuff that HFS+ offers you).

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Formatted USB flash drive with Disk Utility on Mac and also currently it is not known on any Mac or Windows machine
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