After Jones pertained to New York City, she began perdeveloping this song via Jesse Harris, who thought it was a good fit for a female voice. Jones adjusted the key to fit her voice, included a drum beat, then recorded a demo of the song with Harris in October 2000. That demo obtained the attention of the jazz label Blue Note, which signed Jones and sent out her to the studio to document through a group of session musicians. The outcomes were as well convoluted, so Jones was assigned to a various producer, Arif Mardin, that had actually functioned via many renowned artists, including Aretha Franklin. He was carried in to capture Jones" distinctive sound, which he did by keeping the original demo take and also adding some guitar and also a vocal harmony, making Jones harmonize through herself.

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Jesse Harris played guitar on the original demo, which became supplied on the last recording. He almost stopped the take because he didn"t prefer the mix in his headphones. He maintained going and was glad he did, since that was the keeper. Jones and also her band were willing to carry out an additional take, yet the engineer, Jay Newland also, believed it was perfect and wouldn"t let them.
The Come Ameans With Me album was released in February 2002. It found a adhering to in the jazz neighborhood, however didn"t land a bigger audience until that summer, as soon as "Don"t Kcurrently Why" was issued as a solitary and picked up by US public radio stations, which commonly have actually an extremely mature and also uprange audience. This helped get it played in coffee bars, bookstores, and other retail venues. Jones was simply 21 when the song was recorded (22 when the album was released), yet she appeacaused the older crowd because of her sound and also her father. Her dad is Ravi Shankar, an Indian musician famed for teaching George Harrikid how to play the sitar. Most of the MTV generation had actually no principle who he was, yet the public radio audience did, and it made a good logline.
The first few months after the Come Ameans With Me album was released, it was priced roughly $8 in an initiative to increase sales. This was a time once many listeners had actually found the internet and also were able to spread the word digital, which they did, leaving overwhelmingly good reviews. This "sluggish build" strategy operated very well. "Don"t Kcurrently Why" charted just at #30 in the US and not other singles from the album charted at all, yet Jones" secret weapon was her finish absence of showbiz pizazz, making her an antidote to the Micessential Mousage Club alums that ruled the charts. The album went on to market over 10 million copies just in America, making it by much the best-selling jazz-influenced album ever.
Grammy voters were enamored through Jones, nominating her in five categories, via "Don"t Know Why" up for Record of the Year and Song of the Year. After the nominations were announced, the album checked out #1 in America, claiming the optimal spot on January 25, 2003, 11 months after it was released.Jones cleaned up at the Grammys, winning all 5 awards she was nominated for, via Come Amethod With Me earning Album of the Year. Jones also won Best New Artist and percreated "Don"t Kcurrently Why" on the show.After the Grammys, the album returned to #1 for a week, unseating R. Kelly"s Chocolate Factory.
Even after he was nominated for a Grammy for creating this (Record of the Year), Jesse Harris ongoing to play small clubs in New York City for tips. The night of the Grammys, he was scheduresulted in play a club that fits around 80 world.
Jay Newland also, that engineered the recording, said he was trying to make this sound choose the records he thrived up listening to in the late "60s and early "70s, particularly Joni Mitchell.
EMI, which owned Blue Keep in mind Records, believed that Top 40 radio stations would certainly choose a various version of "Don"t Know Why," so they reblended it with a dance beat and also processed vocals. Jones believed it sounded ridiculous and insisted on distributing the original variation to radio stations. "That was ludicrous, bereason the reason civilization favored it in the first area was that it wasn"t commercial," she told the Sunday Times. "I"m not Britney, and that is not the method I want to go."
Jones performed this on Severy same Street through lyrics lamenting the letter "Y" - "Don"t understand why Y didn"t come." The letter "Y" inevitably mirrors up, everyone gets alengthy, and also we learn somepoint in the procedure.

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The song invested 24 weeks on the Hot 100 before it reached the peak 40, the longest ever before climb by a woguy in one chart run.

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Ron Rico from Dry TortugasMarcL is entirely off base. Sindicate around a a love that is shed and feelings of regret are noticeable. Simple template.For Morticia from Washingtonthe song was composed by Jesse Harris and percreated by him initially. The concept it is around not having an orgasm is clever and fits the song. yet given it was written by a guy (even though inability to cum deserve to occur to men) it seems to me (that constantly prefers a bawdy interpretation) I think he composed the lyrics to evoke feelings and also he left ambiguity on purpose. "something has to make you run" --- does he expect somepoint didn"t make him run in the direction of the person? that he was stuck in evaluation paralysis? and despite overwhelming feeling can not commit to action? Or did he intend even more favor "something constantly provides me run" and provided distancing language. I think its the initially. It was not a a "hell yes." he didn"t want to be alone and kbrand-new it would certainly be tough but wasnt all set to "run" towards commitment. Terry Ott from SavannahI’ve read all the comments. Ben from Pensacola has actually cracked the code wide open up. He gets to drive away in the yellow convertible however the rest of you will enjoy your wonderful parting presents also, so don’t feel poor. I was specifically touched by the alternative lyrics variation that Wendy from New Zealand offered. Thank you, Wendy. You’re obviously a really thoughtful perchild. Jim from SeattleIt appears pretty obvious to me that this is a song around poor grammar. The singer acknowledges that "somepoint had actually to make you run," and also that point was her use of "come" rather of the appropriate "go." That and also the bad rhyming ("fun" and "run" execute not rhyme via "come"). You could correct the grammar (or is it syntax? I always get those confused) and still have actually a poor rhyme, like:I left you by the House of PhởI do not know why I didn"t goThat does not rhyme, either, yet at least the grammar is proper.Q from Yes, BangladeshI am afrhelp I am not as sophisticated as the folks over. I simply assumed it was one of those songs where the singer realizes that he/she is expressing regret for not making the leap to take the connection to the next level. She (Norah) was supposed to capture the aircraft, train, or watercraft to the place where her and also her guy were off to make a life together and also she bailed. Right?Keely from Ft Lauderdale, FlI need to say that as soon as I review somepoint that stupidly explains Ravi Shankar as "an Indian musician" (description above), it reminds me of the world interregarded on the street that never heard of George Washington.Eric from Reno, NvMy interpretation is...It seems choose this was intended to be their initially day. She really likes the guy. But she"s so afrassist of being hurt that she simply can not lug herself to even obtain it began. She knows that she would be happy if she might get rid of her fear. But she simply can"t. The fear wins.Trini from Barataria, Trinidad And Tobagoi check out all these comments and also i have to say u all touch on somepoint, as some of you"ll above shelp, it was composed for everybody"s instance. i really agree via MarcL i honestly think that yours is the many exact, its not about being perverted however these songs really carry out have a high behind them interpretation, most subliminal messeras.Wendy from Auckland, New ZealandThis song taken place to me when our government in New Zealand poisoned all our birds simply to kill a couple of mice - Look up Shakespear Park - Poisoning Paradise - the Graf Boys..and also I waited on the beach to watch the sunrise through the initially helicopters to come over via buckets of poikid (Brodifacoam & 1080) - Everyone should know that New Zealand is drenched in poikid - not CLEAN & GREEN. These pets belengthy to the totality world. EXPOSE these governmentsI waited "til I saw the sunDon"t recognize why they had to comeI left to check out what DoC (Department of Conservation (CULLING) had done,Don"t understand why they had to comeWhen I observed the break of day,I wiburned they would fly amethod,Instead of kneeling in the sand,Catching teardrops in my hand.Our land also is drenched in poison,Will be on my mind FOREVER,Out across the endmuch less sea,They will die via dignity,But they"ss be just bags of bones,Diying in the areas alone,My heart is drenched in painWill be on my mind FOREVER,Something has to make them stopBefore they end up eextremely dropI feel as empty as a drumI DON"T KNOW WHY THEY HAD TO COME.Wes S from Yes, American SamoaThe factor for her low profile is that she mixed wine via ectasy. Before she supplied ectasy she used to be a singer; currently not so much.......Wondah from Providence, RiActually. Maybe not. Forobtain what I sassist. She just knows she shouldn"t. It"s not about sex I guess. She simply knows she shouldn"t go, and it"s killing her.Wondah from Providence, RiWell...I think some of you have hit on it, but not totally. See, this song is about a lost love AND sex at the very same time. The singer isn"t the one leaving her substantial various other. She is the one being left. Her heart is breaking, so she "can not come." There"s too a lot pain in her heart to have the ability to enjoy their last night together."I waited "til I saw the sunlight I don"t recognize why I didn"t come I left you by the residence of fun I don"t know why I didn"t come I don"t understand why I didn"t come When I saw the break of day I wimelted that I can fly ameans Instead of kneeling in the sand Catching teardrops in my hand also "She desires to go with him, but can not or knows she shouldn"t. It means more for her, than it does for him. She knows this. So, she leaves at an early stage quite than face it in the morning. Rather than address him leaving and the question. What"s wrong?Something she can"t manage. She drowns her sorrows in a bottle. Crying and depressed. She wishes hit might be even more. She wants to go ameans with him, and also have actually the fun, passion, and ecstasy they constantly have. She"ll always love him and think of him, however he"s leaving to live his life. She"s not component of the arrangement, yet wanted to be. She couldn"t "come" in their last time together because of it."Out throughout the endless sea I would die in ecstasy But I"ll be a bag of bones Driving dvery own the road alengthy My heart is drenched in wine But you"ll be on my mind Forever before Somepoint hregarding make you run I do not understand why I didn"t come I feel as empty as a drum I do not know why I didn"t come I don"t understand why I didn"t come I don"t know why I didn"t come"Henry from Massachusetts, MaSometimes, I think, that a song is created to appeal to certain audiences. In the situation of "Don"t Kcurrently Why" this song fits a large audience, because everyone can relate some how to love, or heart break...That being said: I don"t think the song is about sex. I think it is around a woman who doesn"t desire to be via the man she is with. The bridge of the song, "I do not understand why I didn"t come" is her means of saying I do not want to be with you.Being in love is an impressive point, but if your not in love via someone and also you know they"re in love with you it"s difficult to say those words: "I don"t love you!" So, she states "I do not recognize why," as if tright here was somepoint wrong with her.So, she is crying because she feels awful about the instance she is in. "Out across the endless sea I would die in ecstasy." She is running for her freedom in an endless sea where she can"t be uncovered. "But I"ll be a bag a bones, driving down the road alone." if she were to continue to be through him then it would certainly be as if she were alone-bereason she does not love him.. A bag of bones growing old alone bereason she stood via a guy, bereason she didn"t want to hurt him..."Somepoint hregarding make you run, I don"t know why I didn"t come." What else can she perform, something has to make him go, bereason she does not have actually the heart to tell him that she doesn"t love him. So, she leaves him stranded and claims I do not know why???However, for the most part I believe she the majority of definitely does understand why she didn"t come. He must be an awesome man, who has actually loved her for a lengthy time and also now she hregarding remain and also marry or tell him how she feels, or just leave wbelow she can not be discovered, out across the endmuch less sea...I feel that all interpretations are based upon that person"s experiences with what ever topic is being analyzed. This song appears to be created as pincreased, which indicates it have the right to be understood many various methods. So, everyone who hears it will certainly have their own interpretation. And would certainly be best, because we all have various experiences with love.That"s what provides this song so famous, everyone deserve to relate...Camille from Toronto, OhI always wondered what these lyrics intended, which is why I looked it up on hoping for an answer, but I do not favor these interpretations! So here"s my own: The ending lyrics amount it all up for me: "Something hregarding make you run"...she really favored this man, yet tbelow was somepoint that he didn"t have actually....she simply can not seem to number out what is doing not she did not run towards him however stayed amethod. Trusted her very own intution. Or her intuition told her to run ameans bereason somepoint wasn"t best altho she can not put it into words ("don"t understand why"). She"s second-guessing herself bereason apparently it was a "currently or never" minute, one not to take place aacquire with this various other perchild. If the song were so blatantly around sex, it"d never obtain the airplay it did & still does. "I do not know why" this song was so popular or won so many type of awards, I assumed it was average.Amara from Manila, PhilippinesI actually have actually two interpretations. I hope you"ll bear through me. Like Marc, the lyrics initially struck me as somepoint which has something to carry out via sex.I"m guessing the relationship the narrator of the song is having actually is very passionate and sexually charged. The relationship is based even more on lust than love--they"re even more choose bedmates than actual lovers. However before, for some factor or an additional, the passion burns out and also she is unable to find any kind of even more sexual satisfaction ("I don"t recognize why I didn"t come") hence resulting in frustration. And I think that this frustration not just stems from sex however from something deeper because she feels insecure and lonely (as defined by "I wiburned that I might fly away, Instead of kneeling in the sand, Catching teardrops in my hand"). She desires escape. So she ends the partnership, and also it is revealed that she is in love with the male ("my heart is drenched in wine; you"ll be on my mind forever"--wine is a depressant; for this reason metaphorically speaking, her heart feels drowned in depression). This love is probably the factor why she was sexually frustrated and also feels insecure and lonely in the first place--she was founding to desire something even more than the sex they were having and wanted a solid relationship; something that the male may not be able to offer because he is satisfied where they are ("I left you in the house of fun"). In "Out throughout the endless sea, I would die in ecstacy", she foretells a future wherein she drifts from relationship to partnership (bed to bed, hobby to hobby--the allude is, she is a drifter), and though she derives a specific amount of satisfactivity from each, she never before really finds a truly lasting partnership ("however i"ll be a bag of bones, driving down the road alone") bereason, deep in her heart, she is still in love via that male... Another interpretation is that the womale is afraid of settling. So she drifts bereason she is afrassist of having something actual, something to tie her dvery own. And when she finds someone whom she really loves, she becomes confused yet still leaves (keeps insisting "I do not know why"). The decision damages her yet it doesn"t stop her, it does not even make her desire to rerevolve ("my heart is drenched in wine, but you"ll be on my mind forever"). Maybe it"s because she believes it is the course she chose for herself. The suggest is, she jumps from guy to man, finds pleasure in each, yet aacquire is plagued by fear of settling, which leads to her being alone in life--and also someexactly how, somehow, she simply knows she"ll constantly be alone. Since the song was initially composed and sung by a male, these interpretations have the right to pass for either genders (or for any type of gender for that matter). How carry out you think? Constance from Dallas, TxI think Marc is wrong. I do not think this song has actually anything to do through sex. I think it is around a missed opportunity for love. "I left you by the house of fun" to me sounds choose perhaps they were at a carnival and that is the last place she experienced him. Now he is gone where she can"t view him and also a lot of most likely will not have actually a opportunity to view him aget. "I don"t know why I didn"t come" to me has actually nopoint to do through sex. It seems prefer she had an chance to be through a male she really loved however let it pass her by. Now she misses him and is wondering why the heck she didn"t go to him and also secure a connection through him or let him know just how she felt. "Out throughout the endmuch less sea I would die in ecstasy" to me appears like throughout the sea which would certainly be far represents where the male she loves is however she (bereason she didn"t go to him) is at the shore in the sand crying by herself. She"s saying if she was wright here he was she would certainly die a happy womale (ecstasy). Being a bag of bones driving dvery own the road alone to me indicates she will certainly live lonely without love and unhappy bereason she missed her possibility for love. "Somepoint has to make you run" I think is her beating herself up again saying somepoint has to motivate you to make moves rather of letting methods pass by. I think she is thinking an possibility to be loved have to have made her go to the male she loved. That"s my take on the song. This is an excellent song. Marc you interpretation is good to. I simply didn"t get that from the song.Jessica from San Diego, CaI am percreating this song in amerideserve to sign language which needs me to discover the true interpretation of this song and while doing so I discovered a that it was composed about a woman"s frustration through her very own sexual please dont hate me for agreeing via Marc but hay he was appropriate. Also the webwebsite is from VH1 tv mirrors prefer "Behind the Music" the webwebsite is from Lincoln, NeI think Marc"s interpretation of this song, although probably incorrect, is funny as hell. I"ll bet he looks at Rorschach inkblots and also thinks all of them are vaginas.Moss from Idaho Falls, IdI do not understand why I think this. I do not understand why, I just execute.Moss from Idaho Falls, IdIt provides even more feeling to me that the expression "bag of bones" might have actually initially been "vagabond" refering to "driving down the road alone" as a vagabond might well do.Ben from Pensacola, FlI think that maybe tbelow is no twisted definition behind this song. It appears to be pretty directly forward if you listen to the lyrics. (Well to me anyway). Going to go through the fact it was created by a man and intended to be perdeveloped by a man in my theory, so indulge me right here.... The song is about a guy who has met someone who was visiting from an additional country or somewhere "across the sea". She asked him to come back through her as soon as her time below was up so they might be together. He, for one factor or another, was not 100% committed to this relationship although he was truly in love via her & was struggling with the principle of whether to go or not. He went out to the bar on his last night and also ended up drinking the night amethod. By the moment he made up his mind it was as well late and she was gone. Instead of "flying away in ecstacy" through her he is "capturing teardrops" looking out across the sea to wbelow she is going. He really has no factor WHY he didn"t go via her other than his very own doubts which he deserve to not express to her because all this time they have been together he has led on he is 100% committed to her. Just one interpetation in a 100.Graykid from Cleveland, Ohthis whole album is excellent.Jaboy from Boise, IdThe initially time I heard this song, I was absolutely convinced it was a holiday song given that I didn"t pay attention to the lyrics. Unfortunately it kind of cheesed it up for me. haha.Leah from Humboldt, Iathis is my favorite song. i didn"t even think anypoint bad around it until now. but i still love it. so please do not go dising her for obtaining a grammy "rick". she sings it much better than anybody else can.Rick from Humboldt, IaIt shouldn"t win a grammy if the artist didn"t write the song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nicole from HamiltonIt remained in Two Weeks Notice and also Maid In Manhattin (i think) KaylaAnattracted from Costa Mesa, CaPossible, but a lot of words have the right to be taken sexually if one wanted to do so. To me, it sounds too heartfelt to be sex-related.Annette from Walpole, MaJesse Harris not just wrote but initially additionally percreated this song (thanks for those song facts), and a male singer only hardly ever speaks a female component. So I doubt "didn"t come" has to carry out through orgasm. (I guess it"s feasible for a guy to bemoan the truth that he didn"t orgasm, however not likely.) I have actually always heard this song as a woman standing up a guy whom she loves. If so, think of the various other choices lyrically. "I do not recognize why I didn"t go"; "I don"t know why I didn"t show up"...just awkward by comparikid. Thanks.Laura from Minneapolis, MnMarc, I don"t think you"re that crazy. Not climaxing wasn"t the initially point that pertained to my mind once I initially heard the song, however over time, it"s sounded more and also more likely. But, for whatever factor, world are unconvinced to admit that anyone various other than Lil Kim might probably be singing something sex-related. I do not recognize if that is what the song was ACTUALLY written around, but the actual interpretation is much less essential than the individual interpretation each gather from it themselves.Kayla from Indianapolis, Indeserve to anyone tell me what movie this song was in?Liz from Miami, FlI have been thinking for fairly a while now around the lyrics , and how every little thing connects together to have one good eactivity in one song.I think, and also im not so sure ,that when the song claims - Out throughout the endmuch less sea I would certainly die in ecstasy But I"ll be a bag of bones Driving down the road alone- that she fairly be dying, then being her old regretful self on the road,ok i simply noticed that was really apparent, haha, well for those who can want another opinion thats what i assumed of that expression. Clint from Kl, MalaysiaMarc,My heart is drenched in wine, But you"ll be on my mind Forever=She is drunk and sad, She"ll remember himKei from Salem, OrHmm, let"s watch.... is it feasible that "Don"t Kcurrently Why""s lyrics are sexually suggestive? Of course it"s POSSIBLE, but in this case, terribly unmost likely. To me, this song has constantly sounded choose the story of someone caught in a disastrous spiral wbelow her relationship is involved - she"s ripping acomponent a good connection, and also she"s completely cognizant of her actions, yet at the very same time she feels unable to stop.Virnalisa from Santo Domingo, OtherI do not understand why yet i think marc is crazy ,ok probably he interprets the song choose that but to me it has nothing to perform with sex to me this song has actually another interpretation ,to me it has to execute through that she made a mistake and also the man that she was in love via left and also she didn"t execute anypoint to stop him from leaving ,however she still loved him. that"s why the song says: "my heart is drenched in wine you"ll be on my mind forever", interpretation: her heart will constantly be drenched of love for him and also that he"ll constantly be on her mind. Pete from Nowra, Australiame thinks Marc"s gained something else on his mind hmmm....Marc from Freehost, NjAm I crazy or are the lyrics for "Don"t Know Why" sexually suggestive? Here"s what I mean:I waited "til I observed the sunlight don"t understand why I didn"t come Interpretation: Someone having actually sex in the time of the night and also not climaxing.I left you by the house of fun do not know why I didn"t come by don"t know why I didn"t come Interpretation: The recommendation to "House of Fun" may describe genitalia." It sounds as if, she"s diappointed she couldn"t accomplish herself. When I saw the break of day I wimelted that I might fly away Instead of kneeling in the sand also Catching teardrops in my hand Interpreation: "I wiburned that I could fly away" can expect orgasm.My heart is drenched in wine You"ll be on my mind Forever before Interpretation: I don"t even understand what this stanza method - "heart drenched in wine?" Out across the endless sea I would certainly die in ecstasy But I"ll be a bag of bones Driving down the road alone Interpretation: Very suggestive. "endmuch less sea" and also "die in ecstacy" seems to describe passionate lovemaking.My heart is drenched in wine But you"ll be on my mind Forever Something has to make you run I don"t recognize why I didn"t come by I feel as empty as a drum I do not recognize why I didn"t come by don"t know why I didn"t come I don"t recognize why I didn"t come Interpretation: Another referral to disappointment about a sex-related enrespond to.Does anyone else view these things in these lyrics or am I means off?Thanks.MarcLcheck out even more comments