Lynx 10 tablet

Our Verdict

Whilst it may not be rather as much of a barobtain as its smaller 8-inch sibling, the Linx 10 is still a nicely priced and also capable netbook replacement.

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This 10-inch tablet is very equivalent to the Schenker Element 10.1

The Linx 10 is just one of this new breed, and also at £160 (approximately $238, or AU$307), is not the extremely cheapest 10-inch tablet about, however it"s not exceptionally much off at all. If you"re reasoning it looks rather acquainted, well, that"s bereason it is – the Linx 10 shares nearly identical hardware via the Schenker Element 10.1 that we looked at ago in September last year. Save for a minor spec bump in the processor department from a 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3740D to the more recent generation Z3735F, which deserve to burst at faster speeds of approximately 1.83GHz, informing these two taballows acomponent is a hard task indeed.

There"s additionally an 8-inch version referred to as the Linx 8, which despite the smaller package, functions virtually the same specifications (apart from 1GB much less RAM), and also it comes in at an extremely appealing £90 (roughly $134, or AU$173).

A third member of the Linx family is the 7-inch design which is even cheaper at £75 with the exact same specification as the Linx 8.

There"s an optional keyboard instance which docks to the bottom of the slate


Setting yourself apart from the rest is a challenging task in the overly saturated tablet industry, especially when there are identical countercomponents marketed under various other brands, but that doesn"t suppose the Linx 10 isn"t a robustly put together little bit of kit.

Acomponent from a tiny amount of offer in the chassis on the left-hand also side where all the ports are positioned, the Linx 10 feels solid and also does not provide off the vibe of a budget tablet.

Paired with the optional keyboard situation which conveniently docks onto the foot of the tablet and also holds it upappropriate with an ingenious folding rear flap, this 10-inch variant of the Linx is a lot of absolutely an enough replacement for the netbooks which were when so well-known.

The front of the tablet is reasonably non-descript: there"s simply a capacitive Windows switch centred listed below the display, and also a 2MP front-facing camera over it. Next off to the camera is a tiny red LED which does little even more than light up when you revolve on the tablet, and shows once the front-facing video camera is in operation.

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A 2MP cam is positioned at the front

The left edge of the tablet is wbelow all the action occurs, so things carry out show up a little crowded. Starting at the optimal we have actually the power/wake switch, complied with by a 3.5mm audio socket, mini-HDMI output, microSD card slot, micro-USB socket, microphone and also the DC power socket.

In comparison to the smaller sized 8-inch Linx, the added DC power socket is supplied to juice up the larger built-in battery, whilst the micro-USB socket is strictly for data only – Linx has actually had actually the foresight to encompass a USB "on the go" cable so that you deserve to plug in full-sized USB peripherals straight out of the box.

There"s a decent selection of ports

Linx has actually additionally preferred to rise the dimension of the HDMI output from the micro variant on the 8-inch version, to the mini variation uncovered below. Not that it really makes any type of distinction – they both execute the exact same task.

On the peak edge, the volume bar sits at the extremely far left corner, which is easily available, and also cannot be conveniently puzzled via the power/wake button – as is the instance with many various other taballows. I wish this device could have actually been provided an extra equivalent architecture to the Linx 8, as both the volume and power keys were substantially even more tactile than on this 10-inch variant.

The butloads aren"t as nicely designed as through the Linx 8

Turn the tablet round and also you"ll discover a rear with the same rubberised plastic that is frequently provided on slightly even more premium gadgets which feels tactile, and not also slippy. The Linx logo design takes pride of location in the centre, via a 2MP camera simply balance out to the ideal. In the peak left corner, two speaker grilles provide ameans the placing of the stereo speakers – an odd placement that is surely limited by the interior hardware, as they would certainly have actually been much more welcome spaced further acomponent – or even up front rather.

Still, tiny niggles aside, the Linx 10 is a well-designed – but not particularly inspired – budacquire tablet.

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It might not be the thinnest tablet, or have the smallest bezels neighboring its 10.1-inch display screen, but the Linx 10 still feels fairly compact, and is much from the chunkiest 10.1-inch Windows tablet approximately. Measuring 258 x 172.6 x 10.5mm (H x W x D), it comes in slimmer and not as wide as the Microsoft Surchallenge Pro 2, albeit packing substantially much less punch.

Here"s the complete spec sheet:

Processor: Intel Bay Trail-T Quad Core Z3735F approximately 1.83 GHz processorOperating System: Windows 8.1Memory: 2GB LPDDR3Display: 10.1-inch 16:9 IPS HD (1280 x 800) through 10 allude multi-touchscreenGraphics: Incorporated Intel HD GraphicsStorage: 32GB eMMCCamera: Front 2 MP and also rear 2 MPNetworking: Incorporated 802.11a/b/g/n, Bluetooth v4.0Connectivity: 1 x mini-HDMI, 1 x micro-USB, 1 x microSD slotAudio: Built-in stereo speakers and also microphoneBattery: 7,900 mAh li-ionDimensions: 258 x 172.6 x 10.5mm (H x W x D)Weight: 0.83lb (601g)