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When I boot Ubuntu 10.04.3 from a live CD, it asks me to enter a username and also password. I have not booted before, and also I haven"t developed an account.

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The default username is ubuntu, and the password is empty on an Ubuntu LiveCD.

Brent posted the following over on Serverault:

If the username "ubuntu" with an empty password does not work-related, you might be able to add a new user to the mechanism as follows.

Press Ctrl+Alt+F1 and run this command:

sucarry out adduser usernameAt the same time in some other Ubuntu-Based Distros (particularly main ones), the username goes by their distro name (e.g: Xubuntu="xubuntu", Lubuntu="lubuntu" etc) though you deserve to likewise find the username of it on some distros by looking at the upper-left hand also corner.

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While it"s ubuntu for Ubuntu live images it likewise relies on the flavor. For Edubuntu it"s edubuntu.

Knvery own individuals and passwords so far (nopoint after a colon indicates a empty password):

Ubuntu: ubuntu:Kubuntu: kubuntu:Lubuntu: lubuntu:LXLE: qwerty:Ubuntu-studio: ubuntu-studio:Edubuntu: edubuntu:ChaletOS: chaletos-user:Xubuntu: xubuntu:Ubuntu Mate: ubuntu-mate:Ubuntu Budgie: ubuntu-budgie:
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This is a solution to an extremely old question. None of the over have ever before functioned for me.

The last time I had actually this problem was after trying to relocate "home" from / to /house utilizing cut and paste, (I remained in a rush).

After making use of rsync to move house, the trouble went away.

I have formerly seen this trouble resulted in largely by poor persistence records.

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Confirm MD5SUM.

Check if the trouble persists with a live boot (non-persistent).

Confirm tright here is area in the casper-rw file or partition.

Try a various boot disk creator program.

Try the USB stick on a different computer.


Syslinux form installers including Rufus, Startup Disk Creator, UNetbootin, Universal and YUMI do not usage ubuntu as the default user, they usage Live session user instead.

For these installers after logging out you have the right to hit enter to log back in.After a suspend sindicate pushing the power switch brings you earlier to desktop computer.

Grub form installers, ie mkusb also use Live session user as user and a empty password once logging back in. After a suspfinish ssuggest pressing the power button brings you earlier to desktop.

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Live CD/DVD also supplies Live session user for user name, it is gave immediately. After logging out, a password is not asked for once logging earlier in. After suspend, pressing the power button will lug you back to desktop computer.

In summary, under normal situations, no user name or password should have to be gone into when logging into 18.04 CD/DVD and Live or Persistent USB"s