If you really desire to watch the world as it is, don’t view it through your eyes. See it through your heart. This takes some practice at initially. Our physical eyes are extremely regarded our conditioned thoughts. You’ve heard the saying, “Seeing is believing.” But this is actually completely inspecific. Instead researchers have actually uncovered that ‘Believing is seeing.” We just see what we think we are seeing. Our conditioned thoughts filter and also re-arselection what we view to fit our beliefs.

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So if we desire to check out the world as it is, we can’t depend on our physical senses. They are much also distorted by our conditioned beliefs. Instead we can learn to view with our heart. We can learn to see the civilization through feeling.

As I said, this takes some practice at first. For those who have skilled this excellent visibility of love during meditation, as many kind of have actually in the Living Awake Groups, you can start with your eyes closed till this feeling fills you totally. When you are entirely filled through love, not for a perboy or object or anypoint at all, just the very being of love, open your eyes and also look roughly. You will notification the solid halittle to go earlier to seeing via your previously conditioned thoughts and also beliefs and this feeling of love will begin to fade. Don’t let that occur. Keep a lot of of your attention on this love that is always below. 75% love, 25% what your physical eyes are seeing. This will proccasion your conditioned thoughts from taking over and creating what you view. Things will certainly look extremely different I can promise you that.

You may have to cshed your eyes from time to time to re-establish your attention and awareness on this love without subject or object. As quickly as this awareness has been re-establimelted open up your eyes aget and look at the civilization. It doesn’t matter what you look at, but it will certainly most likely be less complicated through inanimate objects at initially. You have much less conditioned thoughts around inanimate objects than you perform around human being for instance. What you will notification best ameans is that whatever you see has this quality of limitless love around it. And that there is no separation all over. Shapes and colors and also creates are just as they were before, but now tbelow is this great unity around all of it. It is as if you were looking at what is behind whatever you watch. It is as if you are looking at the Source. And it is the very same Source for every little thing. And this Source is not sepaprice from you.

So try this exercise of looking at the world with your heart instead of just your eyes and your conditioned ideas. It’s a genuine “eye opener”. You will certainly be seeing with awakened eyes.

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Tright here are many kind of more practices, posts and videos on this website that can assist you. For an extra thorough, step-by-action exercise of opening your heart to the love that is always right here, the book The Zen of Love – Find Out Your Own Awakened Heart can be exceptionally helpful.

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