Looping slideshow ipad

For a begin just how does one google questions once the routine does not have a distinct name!!

How does one gain the exported slide present to play in a continuous loop - tbelow does not seem a switch for this

Thank you extremely a lot


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Greetings Deborah,

This help web page shows how to make a slidepresent in the Photos application, consisting of just how to set it to loop continuously -

Create and work-related through slideshows - Photos Help

Thanks for utilizing jiyuushikan.org Support Communities.

Be well,

Brett L

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Let me declare my bias GOSH I HATE THIS PHOTOS PROGRAM

Why in the civilization are you making use of it then - I absolutely would certainly never us a regimen I hated - you have actually totally free choice - exercise it and use a regimen you love

Crazy to usage one you hate


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Thank you for the suggestion

however I want to put the slides into keynote and this just reflects exactly how to make a slide display to display off your take a trip photos, I am utilizing keynote for occupational slide mirrors and cannot number out how to get a bunch of pictures right into a keynote presentation - I used to just drag them right into keynote yet it does not occupational that method currently



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Yes I agree and its most likely my insuffer at using " PHOTOS " it yet when I upgraded my operating device - my iPhotograph stopped working , it states I need to downfill the program again but I cannot download iPhotos from the australian store as it states it is not accessible

so tright here I am via "PHOTOS" and also I can not quickly see exactly how to go back

And is tbelow a trick to just how to google concerns about " PHOTOS" e.g. as soon as i ask -

just how to import from Photos right into Keynote - it talks about iPhotograph to keynote and not " PHOTOS " to keynote so I am stuck as google simply sees PHOTOS as photos if you acquire my drift

many thanks for your time

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Jul 7, 2015 6:19 PM

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