l>What Dolly Parton taught me about "After the Gold Rush"

What Dolly Parton taught me about "After the Gold Rush"


"After the Gold Rush" is just one of Neil Young"s best hitsdespite (or partly bereason of) it"s opaque lyrics(it"s the one with"Look at Mother Nature on the run in the 1970s""I was reasoning around what a friend had said, I was hoping it was a lie"and so on.). I never before thought about it muchtill I heard a wonderful coverof the song on"Trio II"(by Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton, and also Linda Ronstadt),and heard thatDolly Parton felt that it was a religious song.

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Well, mirrors what one can learn from Dolly Parton -this made me take a fresh look at the song, and also I think that Dolly"sbest. On this web web page, here"s my take on the song.Thanks Dolly!

I"m going to look at the second verse("I was lying in a burned out basement") initially.The first verse("Well I dreamed I saw the knights in armor coming...")describes a moment in the middle of the story -it"s foreshadowing. The second verse sets the phase andthe story:I was lying in a melted out basementWith the full moon in my eyes.OK, we have actually a burned out basement. Not simply a shed out basement,however one with a view of the night sky.The structure is in ruins.The narrator isn"t simply in the basement, yet lying in it.Not just lying in it, but lying in such a means that thefull moon is in their eyes.The in my eyesthen has an added connotation, that the soldier is severely woundedand can"t even rotate their head - the moon is"in their eyes".

I was hoping for replacement

This strengthens the scenario - who "really hopes for replacement"when lying in a burned out building? A soldier.

When the sun burst thru the sky.There was a band also playing in my headAnd I felt prefer getting high.

OK, now it starts gaining weird!We have this wounded soldier starting at the night skies,as soon as suddenly night turns right into day ("the sunlight burst through the sky"), a band starts playing, etc.Something exceptionally odd, something other-wordly, somepoint magical,something miraculous is happening.

I was reasoning around what aFrifinish had saidI was hoping it was a lie.Thinking around what aFrifinish had actually saidI was hoping it was a lie.

This passage currently renders sense.Tright here are numerous things the friends can have actually told the soldier:"we do not see anything" - the soldier wants to view thesemiracles happening."tright here are no miracles" - the soldier wants to think thereare, because if there aren"t this is just a hallucicountry."you"ll be fine" - if being wounded is what"s led to thismiraculous state, that"s better than the mundane - the soldierreally hopes not to be "fine"Now, the foreshadowing from the first verse comes in - this is allmore detail to the miraculous vision the soldier is seeing,scenes out of a medieval fair:

Well, I dreamed I saw the knightsIn armor coming,Saying something around a queen.There were peasants singing andDrummers drummingAnd the archer split the tree.Tbelow was a fanfare blowingTo the sunThat was floating on the breeze.

This is followed by:Look at Mvarious other Nature on the runIn the nineteenager seventies.Look at Mother Nature on the runIn the nineteen seventies.This isn"t a reference to pollution,however to the regulations of nature - we are now in a placewhere the laws of nature aren"t holding, a place ofmagic and also wonder. The regulations of nature are "on the run".

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The song continues via even more of the narrator"s vision,which I think Dolly would say is of the Rapture,Whether we usage that loaded term or not, I agree that it"saround the "liked ones",including hopefully the narrator, going on to theirbrand-new place in the sunlight -they are leaving this mundane human being to live in thepeople of magic and miracle - their"new residence in the sun"

Well, I dreamed I witnessed the silverGap ships flyingIn the yellow haze of the sunlight,There were youngsters cryingAnd colors flyingAll about the preferred ones.All in a dream, all in a dreamThe loading had begun.They were flying Mother Nature"sSilver seed to a new home in the sun.Flying Mvarious other Nature"sSilver seed to a brand-new house.