Beyoncé may have actually made our Saturday night by dropping Lemonade, however she destroyed at leastern one person's weekfinish. Sorry Rachel Roy yet the Beyhive is not to be messed with.

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Beyoncé's masterful album-and sumptuous HBO special-evoked a large and also wealthy vein of pain and also toughness, but the internet immediately pounced on the specifics. In the track "Sorry," Bey sings around the womale through whom her man was cheating, calling her "Becky through the great hair." And quickly thereafter, Roy, a designer, posted a photo of herself to Instagram, with a caption that review, "Good hair don't treatment, however we will take excellent lighting, for selfies, or self truths, always. live in the light #nodramaemperors." (Roy's account is now private.)

UPDATE: Rachel Roy has actually publicly denied that she is Becky.

So while we all wait for confirmation one way or one more on Becky's identification (and also just how the hell Jay-Z talked himself out of this one), we took a look at the beginnings of the phrase "good hair, don't care"? Here, an anecdotal timeline:

1960s-1970s: We can trace back the construction of "great hair don't care" to the phrase "long hair don't treatment," which Urban Thesaurus claims began via hippies as an answer for their shoulder-skimming countersociety hair. Then it went underground, like a cicada waiting to emerge.

January 19, 2009: Twitter user
bfnh. tweeted the Typhoid Mary of the #dontcare phenomenon, saying, "acquire it shawty simply shuffled up. looks like the pink lava lamp will certainly need to wait. #longHairDontCare" Let's unload this: "Get it Shawty" was a song from Lloyd's second album, Street Love. Also on that 2007 album, a track dubbed "You" featuring Lil Wayne, which came to be the initially number-one single for both artists. It consists of the lyrics, "Me & lil' Lloyd long hair don't treatment." The internet is divided over what that suggests. Some say Wayne is referring to his dreads and also Lloyd's signature long hair, which he chopped for Locks of Love in 2010. Others think it's Lil Wayne's method of letting woguys know he will certainly bed them regardmuch less of the size of their, er, hair-down-tright here. (The Pink Lava Lamp was a mix tape by rapper Charles Hamilton.)

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The phrase quickly popped up everywhere-in long-hair forums, on Instagram, Pinteremainder, and in memes. The society had actually hit height hair expansion. Even Kate Gosselin from Jon & Kate Plus 8 obtained them for the cover of People magazine.

September 29, 2009: The day #longhairdon'tcare begat #shorthairdonttreatment. User
iamwiddy tweeted, "
gr8wallzofchyna Fantastic! I had a blast. Even managed to make someone not prefer me by the end of the night! #woot #shorthairdontcare"

No disrespect to
iamwiddy, however it didn't really pick up heavy steam till five years later on.

In the meantime, world started to watch that #longhairdonttreatment may not be the panacea they were hoping for. Buzzfeed publiburned a listicle called "21 Problems That Make You Concern The Expression #LongHairDontCare," including such dilemmas as strangers emotional your hair in envy, accidentally hitting civilization in the face via your hair, and also feeling jealous as soon as someone else's hair is much longer than yours.

February 11, 2014: Taylor Swift uploaded an Instagram video of herself acquiring a bob haircut in London in front of a group of cheering people. She signed off, "London, I could never before give thanks to you enough. See you next time! PS: brief hair, don't treatment. (!!!)"

And through that, the brand-new phrase "brief hair don't care" was everywhere. Over the following few months, Jessica Simpchild, Kristin Cavallari, and Jenna Ushkowitz all used it after a chop in the Great Lob-Off of 2014. When Lauren Conrad, hair heroine to so many type of, cut hers short, The Gloss provided the old expression the official heave-ho via a blog entitled, "Lauren Conrad Chopped Off Her Hair, So #LongHairDontCare Is Officially Over." The upday was mainstreamed into its very own award category when the 2014 Victoria's Secret What Is Sexy List came out; Jennifer Lawrence won Sexiest #ShortHairDontCare.

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October 27, 2014: The day #ShortHairDontCare passed away. Bustle published an article dubbed, "The Phrase 'Quick Hair, Don't Care' Has to Go." Author Martha Sorren wrote, "I admit, when I dyed my hair blue I duplicated Kylie Jenner and also tagged my short article 'blue hair, don't care.' But I've gained wiser considering that then."

Today: The expression has ddeveloped into a selection of memes pinned to Pinteremainder boards, worn on T-shirts, and also hashtagged on selfies explaining all the hair-associated reasons a perchild may not care. A cursory search discovered the geographically-based (beach hair, lake hair, river hair), the activity-based (camping hair, gym hair, boat hair, Jeep hair), the lazy (dirty hair, messy hair), the unacceptable (ratchet hair, crazy hair), the animal-loving (dog hair, cat hair), the aspirational (pastel hair, huge hair, mermassist hair), the funny (chest hair, mommy hair), and lastly, the political (Bernie hair and also Trump hair don't care-both easily accessible on T-shirts, natch).