One day, war broke out between the 2 races.

           After a long fight, the humans were victorious.

           They sealed the monsters underground with a magic spell.

           Many type of years later...

           MT. Ebott


           Legends say that those that climb the hill never return.

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Name: Name the fallen humale.



Is this name correct?

No / Yes ♡


FLOWEY: *Howdy!



FLOWEY: *Hmmm...

FLOWEY: *You're new to the UNDERGROUND, aren'tcha?

FLOWEY: *Golly, you need to be so confused!

FLOWEY: *Someone ought to teach you how points work-related approximately here!

FLOWEY: *I guess bit old me will certainly need to do.

FLOWEY: *Ready?

*Here we go!

FLOWEY: See that heart?

That is your SOUL, the extremely culmination of your being!

FLOWEY: Your SOUL starts off weak, yet can flourish solid if you gain a lot of LV.

FLOWEY: What does LV stand also for?

Why, LOVE, of course!

FLOWEY: You desire some LOVE, don't you?

FLOWEY: Don't worry!

I'll share some with you!

FLOWEY: Dvery own below, LOVE is spcheck out via...

FLOWEY: Little white...

"friendliness pellets."

FLOWEY: Are you ready?

FLOWEY: Move around!

Get as many as you can!

First means

FLOWEY: Hey buddy, you missed them.

FLOWEY: Let's attempt this aget, okay?

FLOWEY: Is this a joke?

Are you braindead?

RUN. INTO. THE. BULLETS!!! friendliness pellets

FLOWEY: You understand what's going on right here, don't you?

FLOWEY: You simply wanted to view me suffer.


Second way

FLOWEY: You idiot...

FLOWEY: In this civilization, it's kill or BE eliminated.

FLOWEY: Why would certainly ANYONE pass up an opportunity favor this?!


TORIEL: What a disastrous creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth...

TORIEL: Ah, execute not be afrhelp my child.

TORIEL: I am TORIEL, caretaker of the RUINS.

TORIEL: I pass via this location eextremely day to view if anyone has actually fallen dvery own.

TORIEL: You are the initially human to come down below in a long time.


I will certainly guide you with the catacombs.

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TORIEL: *This way

SAVE POINT: The shadow of the RUINS looms above, filling you with determicountry.