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Little Men - Seasons 1 and also 2
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When Jo"s husband dies, she is left through the responscapability of Plumarea. When parents begin pulling their kids out of college, Jo need to uncover brand-new methods to save the college open. Nan is brought in as the initially female student. Nick becomes the caretaker, and also Franz puts off Harvard to teach.
Dan and Nan "They could also need to amputate!" "And don"t talk either, just sit tright here and shut-up!"
When Marcus brings the measles earlier from Boston, the school is put under quarantine.It is a bad case, and also many kind of autumn ill. Marcus ultimately dies. Nick hregarding learn to deal with his fear of fatality, and Nat learns to think in himself.
Laurie and Amy enroll their daughter, Bess, at Plumfield, though Amy in not happy around it. Bess does not desire to be there and will not also try to make fiends. Nan, trying to gain also, puts a snake in Bess" bed. When she appoligizes, she invites Bess to go fishing and also Bess goes. They have actually a great time and also Bess decides to remain at Plumfield. On the other hand, Nick"s sentence is up and also he is free to go. But after he gets to Boston he transforms his mind a retransforms to Plumarea.
Nan to Bess "Did you know that if you boil it, the skin comes appropriate off?" Laurie to Jo "I"m certain there are other convicts you have the right to pluck out of jail." Nan to Jo "We"re prefer cats and dogs, however that do not suppose we can not be friends."
After robbing a pair at gun-suggest Jasper, an old frifinish of Dan"s concerns Plumarea to attempt and also talk him right into going west through him. At the same time, Captain Hoffman brings a brand-new teacher to Plumfield to take Franz"s area. Jasper tries getting Dan in trouble so he"ll need to leave Plumarea, but the setup backfires and he lands in jail. The brand-new teacher tells Captain Hoffmale that he is resigning from the institution, but that he need to let Franz teach.
Nat, trying to find a chicken thief, discovers a negative black family members living in the woods. Jo invites the family members (Josiah, Ruth and also Issac) to continue to be at Plumarea for a couple of days. Josiah learns to trust, Isaac learns to be even more attentive and Jo learns that there is even more than one develop of pre.....
Nick and also some of the children find a woguy, Sara Ryan, on the brink of passing out. She had been bconsumed by her husband. Though she has problems on her very own, she helps Jo and Nan concerned terms through the loss of their loved ones. She likewise helps Nat put on a lovely Christmas Pagent.
When Jo"s equine, Penny, becomes sick with pnemonia the vet tells them to put it down. Nick covertly nurses the equine back to wellness via Dan"s help. Jo starts to teach Nick how to review.
Jo to Dan "You can never have actually also many publications, Dan." (I couldn"t agree even more :o) !) Nan to Everyone "I made porrige for everyone, it"s my gift to you!"
When Nan has challenge writing a story for class, she steals one from Nat. He finds out, yet allows it go. She then asks for his help on a story for the newspaper, he ends up "writing" it for her. At the same time Laurie, wanting to be "among the guys", joins in a poker game and also ends up losing his cuff links plus a totality lot more.
When Meg becomes interesred in Edward, a frifinish of Laurie"s, Jo hregarding involved terms via not only meg relocating on, yet her own feelings for Nick. On the other hand, Nan and also Nat attempt to get Dan and also Bess to kiss, but they finish up kissing each other rather.
Nan to Nat "Of course, that"s why Dan and Bess are constantly fighting. They"re courting, just favor aligators."
jo is on her way house when her steed is spooked by gunfire and runs off. She is injured in the accident, however is uncovered by a guy, Lucious Potter(sp?). On the other hand a storm is imminent and also the kids should obtain Plumarea all set. When Jo"s equine returns without her, Nick goes in search of her leaving Franz in charge. Dan refsupplies to listen to Franz, bring about a few problems. Nick finds the residence wbelow Jo is at, however is shot by Lucious. Jo have to convince Lucious, that is a bitter male, to acquire Nick to the physician.
Nick and also Franz "Jo asked me to pick up a few things while Asia is ameans, did you require anything?" "My sanity." "Breakfast?" "Anarchy!"
Asia"s father visits, yet she desires nopoint to execute through him. It isn"t till he dies, that she deserve to forgive him and admit that she loved him. At the same time, Nick takes on a temporary task at the general keep and also the Propieter"s niece takes a liking to him. Jo is jelous, but it transforms out that Nick is not interested.
Jo to Charlotte (fairly smugly) "I much better go watch how Nick"s acquiring along at home." Nick to Jo "That womale came at me favor a freight train!" Nick and Jo "Lucky for me I"m in no rush to go all over." "Lucky for me."
Nat is when aget being picked on, however this time it"s Nan that is sticking up for him. When Nick finds him so upcollection, he teaches him just how to fight, behind Jo"s ago. Nat gains a brand-new confidence in himself, but a bad lack of judgment as soon as he picks a fight through a child in town. During the fight he hits his head on the boardwalk and slips into a coma. When Nick tells Jo what they"ve been doing she tells him that he need to be willing to take on the resposabilities of a father or leave Plumarea.
Dan is desperate to learn around his previous so Jo makes a few inquiries to the orphanage in Boston. It transforms out that Dan was discovered on Madiboy Street by a police male, who provided him the name Madiboy and left him at the orphanage. With the help of an Indian frifinish, he goes on a vision pursuit, because he feels lost. He comes home via a new perspective on live.
When Tommy Bangs falls from a tree and also breaks his legg, Eli McBride sees it as the perfect possibility to get Plumarea for himself. He convinces the Bangs to concern a lawsuit against the institution for abusage and also overlook. The children must fight for their college, to save it open up.
Amy is organizing an Enchanted Ball, and is allowing Bess to attfinish. Dan would prefer to ask her, however Bess has collection her sights on a college man, Grayboy Whittiker. When Graychild tries to take benefit of her, she realizes that the grass isn"t constantly greener on the various other side. Meanwhile, both Jo and Nick would certainly prefer to go to the dance together, but they do not realize that the various other one wants to go also.
Wanting to prove himself a man, Dan sneaks off to sign up with a posse searching for a run-away lion. Though he proves himself a good tracker and marksman, he learns that it"s not that simple to kill the prey. On the other hand, Nat wins a neighborhood violin competion and also a months worth of totally free violin leschild from a experienced.When the teacher turns out differently than intended, Nat learns that he deserves to be treated better and to stand up for himself.
Franz meets a girl that is fairly different than he is, but he can not speak reasoning around her. He loves to spfinish time through her, however thinks they are as well various to be a pair. With a small advice from Nick, he desides to court her. On the other hand, Laurie and Amy are going via a "lull" in their marital relationship.
Asia receives a letter from her aunt, asking her to come take over her restaurant. Jo assumes that Asia is going to take the project, and starts to look for a replacement ideal amethod. Asia does not desire to leave Plumarea, yet is not feeling wanted. When Jo realizes what she has done, it"s approximately her to make Asia feel like part of the household.

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When Jo is robbed at gun allude, she becomes afraid of whatever. In order to assist her get rid of her fears, Nick tricks her into a trek via the woods. On the other hand, news originates from Isabel"s brvarious other that he struck it well-off in a silver mine in Coloracarry out and also has bought a ranch in Arizona. Isabel leaves via her family members to help her brother run the ranch. Franz have to deside if he"ll stay at Plumfield, and eventually go to Harvard, or if he"ll follow his heart to Arizona.
Nick"s brother, Ben, comes to tvery own for a visit, however he also brings some trouble with him. He is being followed by 2 gamblers that he owes $200.00 to. Going versus Jo"s advice, Nick helps him out an additional time, but Ben gambles that money ameans as well. When Nick tries to make him pay for his own mistake, Ben gets angry and leaves. At the same time, Bess has decided that she desires to end up being a experienced singer... But her singing leaves something to be desired!