Everyone knows that water and oil dont mix, so if you put them together they develop two distinct layers with oil floating on peak of the water. Are tbelow other fluids prefer this that don't mix through either of the two, so that it would make three layers? If not, why are water and also oil the major two?


I have the right to think of 2 for sure and also 1 maybe:

Several Ionic Liquids are immiscible with water and oil. The ionic liquid is thick, so it would certainly be the bottom layer, with water in the middle and also oil on top.

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Some silicone oils are immiscible with both water and oil. They are certainly more thick than oil, however I'm not sure whether they are more or much less thick than water.

The possibly is perfluorinated oils. These are immiscible with water for sure and I think they are immiscible through conventional oils, or at leastern there is a far-ranging miscibility gap (they develop two phases, yet there can be significant quantities of both chemicals in both phases)

Good old tetracarbonchloride (CCl4). The compound is non-polar (favor oils) but has actually a greater thickness than water (virtually all organic liquids such as oils are lighter than water)

Sadly tetracarbonchloride is a really solid carcinogen, so I am not permitted to play through it in the lab... yet CCl3H1 (the famous chlorocreate from movies) and also CCl2H2 (DCM, dichloromethane) are typically supplied and also also heavier than water.

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Due to the fact that its nonpolar, it would certainly mix with oil though, yes? So what happens if you mix the two thoapproximately, and THEN pour in water?

Also, considering that chlorodevelop sounds type of poisony and also CCl4 is carciogen, just how safe is CCl2H2?

Somebody deserve to correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm sensibly certain that tbelow will certainly constantly be 2 layers, at least eventually. The factor water and oil separate right into 2 layers is bereason water is a polar molecule and oil is a collection of nonpolar molecules. Water molecules sepaprices from nonpolar molecules because it desires to maximize the more favorable hydrogen bonding interactions that water is recognized for. If I include another liquid (which has to be either nonpolar or polar) to this mixture of water and nonpolar oil, it is either going to be dissolved by the water or be dissolved by the nonpolar layer. "Like dissolves like" is the phrase commonly supplied to describe this. I added the word ultimately above, bereason the disresolving procedure might take some time, however inevitably you have to acquire two layers. A separatory funnel is then offered to separate the layers.