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Information security becomes vital via the well-known use of phones and chat apps. In order to defend your sensitive information and privacy, LINE gives hidden chat company. We will guide you to learn what is LINE app covert chat, how to surprise chat in line, how to disable or remove concealed chat, and also in what condition covert chat have the right to job-related. In addition, we will display you how to usage iCarefone to backup and also restore your vital LINE chat.

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Part 1: What Are LINE App Hidden Chats?

LINE application covert chats are texts and also imeras sent out with a secure setting. The sender sets and sends out surprise chats to one receiver, the receiver have the right to just view “concealed messages” once got. Only after tapping on it, it will show content. LINE hidden chat function allows you to collection a fixed time for receiver to see or review sensitive information. That is a terrific way to protect your information from leaking and also hacked.


Part 2: How to Send/Receive Hidden Chat on LINE App?

“How to concealed chat in LINE” is asked a lot after LINE gives surprise chat for Android and also iPhone users. It is not hard to usage this function. Just follow listed below actions to know just how it works.

Open LINE application, go to uncover the perboy you desire to chat, open chat interface as commonly carry out, tap on “Hidden Chat” at the right peak corner.

You deserve to send messeras or imeras as usual, it will certainly be instantly be surprise chats. 1 min is set for receiver to examine the message by default. And you deserve to click “Timer” to update the time you desire to readjust.

Messeras are sent. The receiver will receive one notification to check out messperiods. When the receiver opens up this chat home windows, only “Hidden Message” or “Hidden Photos” have the right to be watched. Tapping on it to check out details indevelopment.

After the timer is surpassed, all LINE concealed chats will certainly be removed automatically. If the hidden messeras are not open up, the server will certainly delete them immediately after a short time and these LINE concealed chats are disabled.

Part 3: In What Conditions Hidden Chats Can Work.

Some users cannot find Hidden chats in their LINE app. It might be exceptionally perplexed as soon as others roughly you are talking and also utilizing it. Is tbelow any kind of issue with your LINE app? Not precisely. Hidden chats attribute can only be offered when you satisfy all below requirements:

Condition one: Only offered in one to one chat. It does not enable to use in group chat.

Condition two: Hidden chat Line can work-related on android 2.3 and later, iOS 5.0 and also later. But it does not assistance for Chinese and also Japanese accounts and also cannot job-related on BlackBerry, Firefox, Nokia, Windows Phone, and COMPUTER versions of LINE. So make certain your account and phone are easily accessible for Hidden Chats.

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Condition three: Only support for message, images, sticker labels, area and also call indevelopment, cannot be provided for multimedia and also notes.

With hidden chats, you do not have to concern about your privacy, once you chat with others. In area, Besides, we found that a big variety of customers are looking for an ideal way to backup and regain LINE chats. Testing a mass of means, iCarefone is the ideal solution. We will existing exactly how to usage this tool action by step.

Bonus Tips: How to Backup Your Important LINE Chats? (iCarefone Highly Recommended)

iCarefone is produced by Its backup attribute is free to use. It allows you to backup and also regain data including LINE and WhatsApp and has administration feature to import, export and also delete data, deliver WhatsApp and also LINES in between gadgets.


Final Thoughts:

You deserve to better usage LINE application surprise chat after finding out it in details. With this impressive attribute, there is no issue any kind of even more to send essential or sensitive indevelopment in LINE. In order to prevent information from lost or deleted unpurposely, iCarefone deserve to number this out and backup all you data to computer.



FAQS About Line App Hidden Chat.

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Q1. What is concealed chat on line app?

Hidden chat on LINE app is a attribute which authorize you to surprise the chats you send to receiver and set a minimal check out time for the chat. The receiver deserve to only view contents after tapping it. And as soon as these surprise messeras exceed the resolved time collection, it will be deleted from LINE server.

Q2. How perform you watch covert chats on LINE?

Once you get a concealed chats on LINE, you have the right to tap on “Hidden Messages” or “Hidden Photos” to make it reachable.

Q3. Can you open up surprise chat on application LINE?

If you are the receiver for the Hidden chats, yes. You have the right to open covert chats in LINE app. Just tap on the messages to view it.